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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

April 6, 2013

Linda asks…

Why is it sexist to want a real study confirming men should pay higher car insurance premiums lol?

I asked an earlier question about how the stats used to determine that men should pay higher premiums are skewed because they don’t take into account that their may be more male drivers on the road than female. I got a few good answers, but also alot of accusations of sexism and whining. I don’t consider it whining, it’s basically the same as women asking for equal wages. Why can’t I ask for equal premiums? Why does asking for an accurate study make me sexist?

Administrator answers:

Because men are known for their frugality–I’m telling you it’s like $50 a year, give it up man. My rates are rock-bottom.

Three for three.

Betty asks…

How long does a dui on your record affect your car insurance in California?

Is it 5, 7 or10 years and will my rate go down 5 years after my DUI anniversary?

Administrator answers:

Each insurance company has its own policy regarding the rates it charges. The look back period for a DUI is 10 years, it will remain visible for 10 years, some insurance companies will use a DUI up to 10 years to set the applicable rate. I encourage you to shop around, my experience has been that many insurance companies will charge the most money during the SR-22 period (first 3 years after the conviction or APS loss) and then gradually reduce your rates over the next few years, usually by year five rates have returned to pre-DUI levels…but not every insurance company works in this fashion. You should call around, your rates may be higher than other companies would charge for a driver with your driving history.

Lisa asks…

If i have liability insurance on my vehicle and someone in my household wrecks my car, will my insurance go?

My sister got into a little fender bender (600 damage to other vehicle) in my vehicle. Will my insurance rate go up as a result of this?

Administrator answers:

Liability only covers the fees and costs associated with a civil case (lawsuit) against you. Usually there’s a separate “collision” coverage (with deductible) for these types of accidents. PIP (personal injury policy) covers the driver in case they have hospital bills. “Uninsured motorist” policy is when you have an accident with an uninsured motorist and he can’t pay up.

The laws depend on what state you’re in. In NJ yes your premiums will go up…however, if you plead guilty and pay the extra $250 “no-point surcharge”, your insurance company will not see any points (the $250 is nothing compared with the increase in insurance premiums you can expect in NJ if your driving record has points).

One other item in NJ to consider is asking the judge to “mark” the plea. This means the victim (in the other car) cannot use your guilty plea as evidence in a civil case (aka lawsuit).

This is all assuming the cop gave your sister a “careless driving” summons when he wrote up the ticket (if you deal with a cop in NJ, someone’s gonna get a ticket). If she simply exchanged insurance info and went on your way, then you’ll probably need to get an insurance quote from a repair shop, then an adjuster (from your insurance company) comes out to your house or business and inspects/verifies the damage.

Sandy asks…

Do I need to have Insurance to obtain a drivers license?

Im 17, im trying to get my license but not drive.. just have it to get all that trouble of getting it out of my way, but will i have to pay for car insurance just to get the license? I live in Maryland by the way.

Administrator answers:

Check with your local DMV. But no when i got mine many years ago it was with my parents car and thier insurance. I didn’t have a car for 2 more weeks. When I then got insurance. The insurance is on the car not the person (though the rates are based on you & the car)

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