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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

April 8, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Can we get car insurance with two different companies?

My mom and dad have their cars insured with one insurance company, we are going to get another car and wanted to have my mom as the primary driver and me as an occasional. The problem is the rates are really high for an occasional driver when you have three cars. Is it legal for my mom and me get insurance with a different company? Can my mom be insured with two companies for two different cars?

Administrator answers:

Yep. But you might not get a discount by all being on the same policy. But, the only real way to get a discount is by pitting one insurance company against the other.

Linda asks…

does car insurance cover a different person that is driving ur car?

i just got my lincense and now im not sure if when i drove my parent car and some how i had an acciddent does my parent insurance cover me and the car for the accident or no ? because the car insurance is in my dad name….

Administrator answers:

As an inexperienced licensed driver and a household member, most insurers require that you be added to the policy. Your parents will likely have an increase in their rates. Your insurer has a right to deny any claim including collision and liability claims(some states require the insurer to pay the compulsory limits). You should read the contract.

However, if you use a friend’s vehicle with their permission and you are not a regular user, then you are considered an “insured driver”.

Richard asks…

How much should I expect my car insurance to increase?

I got a 34 in a 25 in Virginia. I’m 19, and this was my first offense. Currently, I’m on as an “occasional driver” because I’m usually at college. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

On average a ticket will raise your insurance rates about $40 a month. This can vary depending on your insurance company, state, car and more. I posted a quick article below that may help.

Robert asks…

can i add someone to my car insurance policy?

I want to add someone to my insurance policy. He recently had a fender bender in my truck.

Administrator answers:

You can add anyone you want to your auto policy, but why would you want to risk it?

This driver has already shown his irresponsibility by having an at-fault fender bender.

Your insurance rate will probably increase, since that driver already has an accident on his record.

My experience as an agent tells me that if this guy drives your vehicle, he WILL have another wreck. It’s not if, but when. When it happens, the insurance company might cancel or non-renew your policy. If you are not already on non-standard (high risk) insurance, you will be.

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