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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

May 2, 2013

Donna asks…

How to estimate insurance for an extended period?

I am doing a math project for school and I need to give an estimate of insurance for each year in a nine year period. The car is a 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid, 12,000m/year. Does the rate increase/decrease per year due to age/wear? I have no idea how to estimate this. Please help me out! Thanks
The insurance policy would start at the age of approximately 22 until the age of 31. Would it still change?

Administrator answers:

For someone your age, the amount tends to decrease each year, because of the increasing age of the driver (not the car). Insurance is very expensive for high school students, decreases until it reaches close to normal adult rates at age 25, and then increases again late in life.

The age of the car is not a major factor.

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to rent a car from a car rental company?

How much does it cost to rent a car from a car rental company if you’re gonna drive from SE Washington state to Seattle, then Portland and the back to SE Washington state? Were gonna be using the vehicle for several days, were gonna be renting a minivan.

Administrator answers:

.well first thing you need to do to get best rate is call the car rental in your local area and get the price of the first one and then start calling the other ones and ask then to beat that price keep doing this til no one can give you a better price (remember anything and everything that is bought, sold or rented has a bargaining price also see which one will let you have unlimited miles and don’t charge extra if there is going to be more then one driver also if more then one driver this person or persons will have to be there at time of rental and always best to use their insurance its cheap and you wont have to worry about your own insurance going up if a mishap does unfortunately happens

Lizzie asks…

Will a personal injury claim by me on my own car ins policy increase the premium?

I crashed my fiances car and I’m a named driver. Hit parked cars so noone else involved/to blame.

Can I claim off car insurance for personal injury and if so will it affect our insurance premiums a lot/is it worth doing.

P.S. Injuries were whiplash, back pain and mild concussion. Still suffering from back pain, constant headaches, loss of concentration and suddenly bad memory.

Administrator answers:

If you are at fault for the accident….and it sounds like you are since you hit parked cars….you can not make a claim against the liability coverage of the car you were driving.

The reason is: you can’t be liable to yourself. You can’t go into a court of law and sue yourself for causing injuries to you. That’s why….all the people who are hurting for money in the current economy….can’t go run their cars into trees so they will be paid for “pain and suffering”.

Therefore, the only coverage that could help you with your medical bills would be Medical Payments coverage or Personal Injury Protection (depending on which one you have….if you have one or both of these coverages). These coverages pay for medical bills up to their limits. They do not pay “pain and suffering”.

Your agent may be able to give you an idea how filing a PIP or Med Pay claim would affect your rates.

But odd are….you’re going to have a rate increase after your insurance company gets done paying for the cars you hit.

Robert asks…

How much would my insurance be? Or websites for resource for my question?

OK Ill be 18 when this all takes place, the car is and 2006 Red or Tan Chevrolet Impala, that cost $7,500. No special features, just an ordinary car. My parents have good credit and good car history. So My main question is how much would my car insurance be even if the car is in my parents name.

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates vary widely by geographical location, driver record, age, gender and coverages desired. For example, larger city premiums are generally higher than are much smaller towns. You can only call your parents’ insurer to find out what it will cost to add you to your parents’ policy.

Joseph asks…

How many years do I have to wait for my insurance to go down? Car insurance in Ohio?

I had 3 moving violations before i turned 18 and I just got my license back when i turned 19. I currently have my drivers license now and no vehicle because I cant afford insurance. how long do you have to wait for the accidents to ‘roll off’ of your insurance price? This is in Ohio, it might be different in other states.

Administrator answers:

For the most part, minor traffic infractions will drop off your record for insurance rating purposes after 3 years. Major ones such as DUI, and often reckless driving, racing, dangerous driving, etc. May affect your rates for up to 5 years.

William asks…

Will my rates go up if my friend crashed my car?

My friend was driving my car and got into an accident with a taxi. She is not registered as a driver on my policy, but my policy allows for infrequent or occasional unregistered drivers to drive my car. If I go through insurance to fix it, will my rates go up a lot? Does the taxi have to go through my insurance, or can I work it out to settle it with him outside of my insurance? If not, will that affect my rates, too?

Administrator answers:

Your insurance is primary, therefore your policy will be first to pay out on the damages. If your friend was at fault in the accident then your rates will probably increase. There’s even a chance your insurer will not renew the policy.The taxi doesn’t have to go through your insurer, however taxis make money by having their vehicles on the road, not sitting in a repair shop waiting for you to make your mind up. So don’t be surprised if they say no, because the fastest route for them to get their vehicle back on the road is to let their insurer deal with it.

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