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May 13, 2013

Sandra asks…

Does a speeding ticket raise your car insurance?

I’ve gotten one speeding ticket 2 years ago but took defensive driving. I don’t feel like taking it again but am willing to if there’s a hike in my insurance. I’m in my early 20s if that is in anyway a factor.

Administrator answers:

Yes! Speeding tickets will increase your insurance rates. Your monthly premiums will go up about $40 a month for 4 years. I posted a reference below that can help you keep this off your record without a defensive driving course. By the way, does your insurance company know that you took this course? This course can save you about 10% off your insurance premium in a lot of cases. However, the driver must inform the insurance company.

Susan asks…

Is there any car Insurance per person instead of per car?

I have several cars but I can only drive one at a time. I am looking for car insurance for me as an individual instead of per car.

Administrator answers:

Most insurance companies will give you a discount if you have more vehicles than licensed drivers in the household.

I have two vehicles and live alone. My total insurance bill for both vehicles is about $20.00 more per year that the more expensive one all by itself.

Shop around for the best rates and make sure that all of your vehicles are on the same policy!

Maria asks…

If a teenager totaled their car, would insurance rise for the sibling?

I know the insurance would rise for that teenager, but would the insurance rise for any other family member specifically a younger sibling?
One car, no one hurt.

Administrator answers:

It shouldn’t have anything to do with the younger driver since that person didn’t total the vehicle. If you are on your parents policy it is very possible the insurance will raise the rates to your parents policy for the totaled out vehicle if they file a claim. These days, the insurance companies raise their rates every time the policy is due so it may not make any difference anyway. One good thing comes out of all of this, no one was injured or killed. Drive safely and remember, no talking on the phone or texting while driving.

Richard asks…

if i get a cheap car will my insurance be cheaper or more expensive?

i have a car that i can have given to me it is about 5 years old but cant aford the first years car insurance out right if i sell it and gt a cheaper car will the insurance be cheaper or more expensive because it is an older car? i say this because if so i can sell the car i have and use the money left over to pay for the first ears car insurance. p.s i am a teenage driver which is why im trying to save as much money as i can!

Administrator answers:

Can you still be on your parents’ insurance? We always put our kids on the cheapest, oldest car we owned, to lower their premium. Getting insurance as a familly group was a lot cheaper. Can you get a Good Student discount? State Farm does that if you take a short course and have good grades in school.
There’s a possibility your rates would be lower on a cheaper car because it’s not as expensive to fix; also you can have a higher deductible or lower collision coverage if it’s an old, run-down car.

Laura asks…

Will my auto insurance cover liability if my friend is driving a car I rent?

During a vacation, my friend will drive the rental car I pay for. If we have an accident, will my liability/medical coverage pay off if she’s driving? The friend has no car & no insurance and doesn’t live in my house.

Administrator answers:

Insurance is the business of protection. This enters into contract law. Contracts are specific arrangements made between parties that sign a piece of paper. When renting a car there are entries as to whom shall be operating the vehicle. If you rent the vehicle your friend can also sign up as a driver and her name and driver’s license shall also be checked and registered as an operator. The rental agency also provides for insurance at a daily rate. You best check as to what coverages you have with your automobile insurance company as far as rental cars. Depending on the coverages you have or do not have it is then wise to accept the rental agency’s insurance coverages. Since your friend does not have any automobile insurance, in this case, I suggest you accept the insurance coverage offered by the car rental company and pay the daily charge for this insurance. But both of you must be listed as drivers and you must accept the insurance coverages. Best of luck and enjoy your vacation.

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