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May 24, 2013

Sandy asks…

what do i need to get a job as a fast food delivery driver?

im 19 and just got my first car. ive been looking for a job for like 3 month now, gone on a couple interviews but no luck. i noticed a lot of job online hiring drivers. what do i need. do i need car insurance? will they pay for gas ?

Administrator answers:

I did a quick google search, and saw that Domino’s pays an hourly rate of around $7.40/hour, plus tips and mileage reimbursement. Drivers get paid cash nightly.

I would assume you’d have to show you have insurance.

It also says you get paid cash nightly.

Good luck!

Joseph asks…

adding my dad as a second driver on my insurance – is it legal if he won’t actually be driving my car?

I don’t mean fronting! I know that is illegal.

I’ve been researching tips on getting good insurance rate (as a 21 year old new female driver I know it will be expensive no matter what though) and they always recommend adding a second or third driver. But only my dad drives, but he would not be driving my car. Is it illegal to add him as a second driver?

Administrator answers:

No because it gives you an option to let him drive it . Where you may hit trouble is having your dad shown as the main driver and in fact it is yourself

John asks…

Could my license get suspended if someone uninsured drives my car?

That’s not under my insurance policy for that car? For example, if my dad drives my car (he’s insured, but different car) and gets a ticket or whatever, or if my brother drives (he’s totally uninsured) can that come back to bite me?

What happens? Does the car get impounded? I think my insurance rate goes up, too.
This is in Florida. I excluded all other drivers in my household for my car since I’m afraid of paying more insurance per month. I already pay a ridiculous amount of over $200 a month.
So only the insurance will penalize me?

Administrator answers:

If you loan the car to a friend who is licensed and who is not using it for something illegal, your insurance will cover you and the driver in case of an accident.

But, if anyone is a regular driver of the car, they must be declared on your policy, which might cause your rate to go up. Your policy will define the line between regular driver and rare loan.

If someone lives in the same house as you, they are automatically considered a regular driver if they drive the car ever.

If you loan the car to someone in your household (or if you make more than an occasional loan to a friend) and there is an accident, your insurance will refuse to pay. If you claim that your father was just driving it once, they don’t want to hear it. They know this trick, and they will refuse coverage.

Adding your father as a listed driver will not raise your rates, unless he has a bad driving record. Adding your brother might, depending on his risk profile.

If you don’t want to pay the higher rate, that’s fine. You won’t have coverage for them, and when there is a problem, you will both be sued.

Donald asks…

Why is michigan car insurance so high?

I am a 21 year old female with no little credit but I have no bad credit. I rent an apartment and pay all my bills on time. I have a 2004 monte carlo ss that I paid 3500 for. This is my first car. The cheapest quote I got was 350 a month and that’s only for the state minimum. I already have health insurance. They want me to pay more for car insurance than my car is worth and if I get in an accident they wont even cover it. I have life insurance and my health insurance covers accidents. My state has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country. If I move to dallas I would only have to pay 77 dollars for the same policy.

Administrator answers:

That is a good question. I have heard that the highest rates in the country are in Detroit Michigan, but I think the rural areas should be much lower. Some states only require 10,000$ property damage coverage (such as Michigan), some states require 25,000$ property protection (Texas) so that doesn’t fit the argument. I have seen a website that lists Texas’ liability rates in various towns and I have seen liability quotes for a teen driver with one moving traffic conviction can range from 1500 to 3,000$ a year so I will bet you can find steep rates in some places in Texas, also.

Ken asks…

Insurance went up after accident that wasn’t my fault. How does that work?

Over a year and a half has passed since this incident, but as I’m looking at getting a new car and my own insurance in the next year I’m still trying to figure out exactly how this worked. I also have no idea if this accident is on my record. I would think it is, but after this accident we switched insurance companies and it had absolutely no baring on my rate, in fact I got a rate decently lower then my original one.

I came into an intersection right when my light turned green, and I didn’t bother to look around and ran into someone who ran a red light. I was not given a ticket. My car was totaled (it was a 2002 Cavalier) probably due to the airbags going off/busting my windshield because the other damage wasn’t too awful. The other driver was not insured, nor was a legal resident/immigrant. They hired some cash-only lawyer to sue me for damages (obviously not successful, they lied about all of the details to boot, and State Farm shut it down). I had full coverage, so I was reimbursed for the car being totaled but the deductible was lost due to the other driver not being insured. Despite being assured by SF I was not the one at fault, they still more then doubled my premium. I still do not understand that to this day, even the police report says I wasn’t at fault.

Like I mentioned before when we switched insurance (still keeping full coverage as well) my rate was actually lower then it was before. Eventually I will need to get my own plan, but I’m wondering about how I need to, or if I need to at all, put down about that accident.

This is somewhat of a pointless question, but I really don’t know anyone with decent knowledge of how car insurance really works so I thought I might try here and **maybe** get lucky. I know some folks who were at fault in accidents and didn’t have that kind of premium spike.

Administrator answers:

It looks like State Farm paid your loss under collision coverage and was not able to get a judgment against the other driver thereby requiring under state law you to be charged for the accident. There was an accident, you could not provide the evidence needed to obtain a therefore your record shows one accident.

Steven asks…

How to get relatively good car insurance being 17?

I passed my practical driving test a couple of weeks ago. I have received some insurance quotes but they are £4000+ I was expecting insurance to be on the steep side but not any more than £2000! Especially considering the engine size and age of the cars I have received quotes on. At this rate I will not be able to afford to have a car, I don’t understand how others my age are able to afford the price of insurance. One of my friends has a 1.6 Renault Clio and it costs £2000 a year to insure, I really don’t understand how considering the quotes I have received.

Is there anyone else my age (17) who has insurance under £2000, any good insurance companies? Etc?…

Administrator answers:

Hello L

I lot of times, larger companies want you to have had car insurance before they give you a reasonable price. Most smaller and local companies specialize in giving new drivers a fresh start.

My son and I recently received a tip on getting a good deal.
We called 1-888-497-0801, they gave us a great quote, and we received our proof of insurance the same day.

Any time you call for an Insurance Quote you should have the following Items handy to get the best quote.
Note: Being 17 this may be your first time, and some of the items won’t apply

1. Driver’s License
2. Vehicle Make and Model
3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
4. Estimated Mileage
5. Your Driving Record – basically being truthful about your driving record.
6. Your Existing Coverage *this won’t apply if this is your first time

I hope I was able to help

Mary asks…

I have a question about teenage driving insurance?

I let my son drive my car sometimes and his six months is up and he is now wants to drive friends in the car. I know my car insurance will cover him if he is in a wreck, but will it cover his friends?

Administrator answers:

If you have notified your insurance company that he has a drivers license your insurance should cover him and all passengers but to be certain, I would definitely ask my insurance agent.

Read below:

Household Auto insurance rules:

You need to disclose all household members in your household. Each company will handle them differently. Typically, a carrier will include the driver on the policy, exclude the driver from the policy, or not rate the person on the policy.
The insurance company will ask these types of questions to determine how the person will be listed on the policy:
Will this resident be included on the policy? Depending on your answer to this question, each company will ask additional questions to determine how to rate the policy.
All the household residents, 16 (some states 15) years of age or older, and all regular operators of the vehicles need to be included on the policy. You can choose to include the resident on your policy or not and companies’ underwriting will determine if you are eligible to be insured by the insurance company.
The answers to these questions will help the company include the drivers in rating or help them determine how to include, exclude, or not rate the drivers on the policy. The named insured cannot be an excluded driver.

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