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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

May 26, 2013

Linda asks…

Car Insurance went up when I removed a car?

I am insuring 2 cars. If I remove one, my insurance rate will go up. Why is that?

Administrator answers:

Only your current insurance agent/company can precisely explain why your rate went up when you made the change, however generally speaking, several factors can come into play as to why your premium went up instead of going down when removing a second or additional vehicle off your policy. Those factors can include the removal of the “multi-car” discount, number of drivers listed on the policy vs number of vehicles listed on the policy, coverage requested for both vehicles, mileage listed for both vehicles, etc. All insurance companies will intrepret these factors differently which gives different results and different premiums, which is why you always hear its best to shop your insurance around as there is no one set rate among insurance carriers. So, that being said it would be wise to shop your current situation as there may now be a better rate available for you going with another carrier. Best of luck to you!

Lizzie asks…

What is the typical rate for renting a car and driver for two people for prom?

I don’t need a large limo; I just need a nice car to escort two people.

Administrator answers:

First off you will need to be 21 or 25, depending on your state to even rent a car. So you will need to talk to your parents about renting a vehicle and you can get online and go to the websites to find out prices. You’d be better off borrowing a parents car and that way you’ll be covered under there insurance, if something happens to the rental while you are driving then your parents are liable and your not covered.

William asks…

Do you think that the government ought to put a cap on car insurance ,and the prices they charge since its law

car insurance is at rediculous rates. government says everyone has to have it , and insurance companies are making it almost impossible to afford. I have a wife and 2 kids we have to have 2 vehicles. but i can’t afford the insurance on either one of them. now i’m breaking a law. what does anyone else think.

Administrator answers:

Insurance is a pool. When an accident happens, money is taken out of the pool. The reason why insurance rates go up is because people get into accidents. Governments (state) mandate how much money insurance companies can make on the premiums (that’s why Geico can only say “We can save you UP TO 20% on car insurance,” and not “We can save you up to 100% on car insurance.” Insurance is one of the most highly regulated industry. The insurance companies aren’t to blame, bad drivers and low licensing standards are.

Laura asks…

My car slid on a patch of ice and crashed in a guard rail. Will my insurance rates go up?

While going off an exit ramp onto the high way my car hit a patch of ice and 360ed into a guard rail, my car was the only one involved. If I claim this though insurance will my rates go up even though the accident was due to weather?

Administrator answers:

Weather was a contributing factor, there is a basic speed law that requires you to drive no faster then the conditions will allow. You violated that law, it was your error that was the final factor that caused the accident.
If you submit a claim, in most cases your rates will go up.
If the value of the damage exceeds a set amount (this varies by state), you also must report the accident (fill out an accident report). This may reflect on your driver summary. Failure to submit this report may cost you your drivers license.
So get some estimates on repairs, and make a choice. If you pay for the repair work you might be able to get it done for less then the reportable amount also you might find that the total cost is close to the amount of your deductible any way and elect to pay for it all yourself to avoid increased rates.

James asks…

How much would the insurance rate be for a 16 year old female?

I’m a B average student, and I’m looking to get a 2011 Kia Soul as my first car. I’ve gotten my learners permit and are trying to get my Driver‘s Liscence. Also does the color have anything to do with it? If so I want my car in green.

Administrator answers:

Have your parents call their insurance company and ask. That’s the only way to know for sure.

Be prepared; the cost for a junior driver driving a brand new car will be outrageously expensive. I’d say in the hundreds of dollars every month. Do you have that much to spend?

Carol asks…

Can someone explain how car insurance works?

Specifically, how do you pay for auto insurance? Do you make monthly payments or do you pay it at one time?

Administrator answers:

Well I pay by the 6 month period because I get a discount that way.

I suggest that you go online to where they will give you the rates of several different insurance companies even if their rate is higher for comparison.

I am currently signed up in a program with them where they send me a chip to install in two of my vehicles and it records how many miles I drive and some other statistics for a program they are recording. I get several hundred dollars off each vehicles insurance and the program is for a new type of insurance where in the future you will pay by the number of miles you actually drive instead of a set rate which to me is the way it should be. The more miles you drive the more likely that you might be in an accident.

I have used all kinds of insurance over the years and progressive seems to have more bang for the buck and incentive programs for accident free drivers.

Happy Motoring!!

Helen asks…

What happen if I got into an accident with someone else’s car?

I recently just got into an accident with my fiance’s car. Her car doesn’t have collision coverage but I do have collision coverage. There were no other drivers involved. The car ran out of control and I hit the rail guard on the freeway. Will my insurance cover the damange to the car?

Administrator answers:

Only if your policy states that it covers YOU and not your specific vehicles. Most vehicle insurances only cover specific vehicles since that is how they decide rates (safer vehicles get lower rates), so you’re probably out of luck.

This may be a sign that it’s time for you two to start combining a few things – getting the same insurance policy so that you are both covered equally no matter who is driving what car would be helpful.

Daniel asks…

Would something like an older, heavier car get me a better insurance rate? Any insurance lowering tips also?

I’m a 16 year old teen guy (I know, I know) and I’m getting a car. Would an older, heavier model of car, like a large van or something, reduce my incredibly high rates? Looking an an out here. I don’t have enough money to pay for it all. Any insurance lowering tips, besides drivers ed and good (already qualify) would be great.

Administrator answers:

No. The only thing that will reduce your rates is getting older and not getting comprehensive coverage.

Robert asks…

Is the Volkswagon Bug a good car for a begining driver?

Is it safe?get good gas mileage?lower insurance rates?im 17 looking into cars.I don’t want big trucks&suvs,no sports cars(mustangs,eclipses,camaros).
I happen to think its a very cute car.

Administrator answers:

The old bugs are Great.

The new VW beetle is very cute but that’s all it is.

They are terrible cars, they break down and are unreliable.
They do badly is side crash test. The engine is noisy, the backseat is unusable.

The best new car deal on the road is the Honda Fit $15,187

avoid the Toyota Yaris it’s less capable than the Fit.

Used car?

For $4,000

look for

98 Acura CL, 98 Ford Mustang V6, 98 Honda Accord or Civic, 98 Nissan Frontier or Pathfinder, 98 Subaru Impreza or Legacy, 98 -00 Toyota Corolla or Echo 00

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