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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Rates

June 1, 2013

Linda asks…

What is the cheapest insurance for beginning drivers in NC?

I’m about to turn 16 and get my license but I need proof of insurance before I can get it. What is the best insurance to get and how much will it cost?

Administrator answers:

To bad you don’t have the intermet…you could start with that ***** flo [progressive will list top 4 rates] and then you could check google,,car insurance NC. Then call,,with a phone your local independant insurance company,,,..If only you had a computer and internet service,,,

Mary asks…

In what ways does buying a car affect auto insurance premiums?

I’m looking at buying or leasing a new car and am wondering how that’ll affect my auto insurance premium. Also, which features in a new car affect the premium. I’ve heard about red paint and sports cars causing higher premiums, but are there any other factors?

Administrator answers:

The car affects the premium. New cars are worth more than cars several years old, so they cost more than older ones. High priced cars cost more because the potential loss is much greater than for that of lower priced cars. Sports cars cost more because they’re supposed to have more accidents. I’m not sure that’s true, but that’s what the people who set the rates think. Also, cars that are stolen alot have high premiums. You also affect the premium. Do you have a good driving record? That lowers premiums somewhat. If you’re middle aged or older, your premiums are usually lower because older people are considered safer drivers than young ones. I’m not sure that’s true, but again, that’s what the people who set the rates think! Hope this helps ya!

Charles asks…

How many hours of drivers training do i need to get a california permit?

How many hours of drivers training do i need to get a california provisional permit(for minors)?

Administrator answers:


We often take for granted what a convenience our cars are. I was paying a low price for my insurance, but at renewal time, my insurer tried to increase my rates.

My friend sent me a link to this site:

They have a free search to compare auto rates from the major insurers. It saved me a lot of money!

Best of Luck

Daniel asks…

My drivers license expired in 03, If I were to get pulled over, would I go to jail?

I am insured, and keep that current, but without a current drivers license, if I were in car accident, would my insurance be null and void?

Don’t want to go to jail, and I am going to take care of it.

Administrator answers:

You would not go to jail simply for not having a license, though, you could go to jail for the circumstances that caused the accident.

You should check your insurance policy, some companies (especially the cut rate ones) will nullify any claims you make if you were illegally operating your vehicle, even if it is not your fault.

And in many states, your lack of a legal driver’s license adds to your liability in an accident

James asks…

How much do you pay for auto insurance? What company do you like best?

I currently have State Farm for my auto and homeowners insurance but I’m trying to get a lower payment. I have heard that SF is one of the more expensive companies… is this true?


Administrator answers:

State Farm has just had some rate increases in various areas – it depends on where you live.

Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of car/truck, coverages, limits of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report to see about undisclosed accident involvement.

The best thing to do is call a LOCAL independent agent. Don’t go across town, or to some other city – look for someone CLOSE. Just look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and you will find a professional licensed agent that will be able to help you solve your insurance problems, and give you rate comparisons of several different companies.

An independent insurance agent will normally have a dozen different companies and if he cannot help you, he should be networked with other local agents that can.

In my agency, we have companies that do NOT run a credit score and welcome drivers with “less than perfect” driving records and specialize in youthful operators!

Most of the replies on this site say “go to this on-line carrier or that on-line carrier or that 1-800 number” but I’m sure that when you do, you will find some impersonal computer user with a script to work from and you won’t be able to talk with the same person every time you have a problem!

Good luck, drive RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!

George asks…

Can I RENT A CAR for like a Day in CA without a CA License? without Car Insurance?

I have an MI drivers license and no car insurance and no car. when I go to CA for like two months, I want to know that I can rent a car over there on random days. true? how so? please explain, i’m confused.

Administrator answers:

Hi Liz!
You should have no problem as long as your Michigan license is not expired. You do not have to have car insurance. The rental agency will offer you coverage at a per diem rate (expensive); however, if you don’t have any insurance and have an accident, you’ll be in deep, deep, do-do. I recently rented a car and found Alamo to have the lowest rate for the car I wanted. You can also check in the area of CA that you’re going to if they have a Rent-a-Wreck agency if you’re looking to save some $$$$.

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