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June 13, 2013

David asks…

What is the cheapest insurance company for a 17 year old male, fully comp on a 1-1.2L vehicle?

Looking around for cars and I want to know where is the cheapest, so far it is £3800 cheapest anywhere. If you have insured a car at that age can you let me know what you paid and who with?

Tips on getting it lower?

Administrator answers:

There are no secret tips ot trick that you can legally do other than choosing a higher excess but make sure that you can afford to pay that excess if there is a claim.

There are many factors which are used by the insurer to calculate the risk and so the premium they charge for car insurance – these are mainly;
1 Age and sex of the policyholder (who must be the Main driver, and registered keeper) and that of any additional drivers.
2. The cars age, mileage, value, insurance group, security and the companies own claims history for that vehicle
3. The occupation of the policyholder and any named drivers
4. The claims history of any drivers
5. The licence details of drivers (endorsements, length of time held)
6. Where the car is normally kept overnight (is it the policyholders address? On road is more expensive than on a drive which is more expensive than in a locked garage.
7. What use will the car be insured for, social and domestic is the minimum but if commuting and use for the policyholders business or their employers business is added the price increases. If used to commute where is the car to be parked when there – on road or in a car park.
8. Does the car have any modifications from the standard factory fresh condition like alloy wheels or performance enhancements – some insurers will refuse to cover modified cars, some will increase the price and some will cover them but only for return to standard.
You need to tell the full truth about everything asked and inform them of any changes to any of the details disclosed as the policy goes on – failing to do that can render it null and void.

Some younger drivers consider putting the car and insurance in a parents name with the parent as a fraudulent main driver and them as an occasional named driver to cut the premiums. This common scam is called “Fronting” and is an illegal act which can get parent and son/daughter into a lot of long lasting expensive troubles.

Most insurers offer a monthly payment scheme and most need about 15% up front to start the cover. The scheme is usually in the form of a loan and so interest is charged – this can be as much as 25% APR. This is usually at rate which is higher than most credit cards even charge so look at other ways to borrow the money to spread the cost if possible as it will be cheaper.

Jenny asks…

Can a named driver on a motabilty car use for work, and get business cover?Claimant can’t drive?

My uncle receives DLA high rate mobility and is considering getting a motability car.Although my uncle can drive, his back is that bad that he can no longer drive safely, and so I would be one of the named drivers. Can anybody answer definitively the question as to whether I would be allowed to use the car for work purposes, and have business cover added to the insurance policy?. At all other times the car would be used for the sole benefit of my uncle.

Administrator answers:

Absolutely, definitely and categorically NO!!!!!!
The car if provided for the sole use of your Uncles benefit only.
As a designated driver you would only be allowed to drive it if the journey is connected with your Uncles needs, anything outside of this would be classed as personal use (which would mean you are not insured) and is in full breach of the terms of provision and would result in the car being withdrawn. If this was to happen he would be disqualified from applying for mobility assistance in the future.

Have just read Rogers answer and must make it very clear than any car provided is only on loan, it does not become your Uncles property and cannot be sold. If he does get one and is still eligible after 3 years the company that provide it will take the first car back an replace with new model. The cars are changed before they become due for the first MOT.

Charles asks…

How do you get auto insurance for yourself in NC if your only 16?

parents dont have ins. and dont have a car yet but needs to get insurance to get drivers license now or must wait til 18!

Administrator answers:

Try using to compare rates for all the car insurance providers in your area.

Ruth asks…

How long can you drive in Colorado with a car registered in California?

I am a college student in Colorado, but am originally from California. I am driving my car back from California to Colorado this summer and am wondering how long I can drive in Colorado with a car that is registered out of state.

Thanks for all your help.

Administrator answers:

Depends. If you claim Colorado residency you have 30 days to change your Driver License, and Car Registration. (That’s the LEGAL answer, they aren’t going to sterilize you if you don’t).

If you claim California as you home of record, and only attend college in Colorado, you don’t need to change either, but let the insurance carrier know the car will be domiciled in Colorado. You may/may not get a lower rate.

Laura asks…

Can you have a Post Office box on your Driver’s License in Nevada?

Can you have a Post Office box on your driver‘s license in Nevada?

How does this work with car insurance? If you have one address down on your license a PO box, but you live somewhere else?

I don’t like everyone knowing where I live.

Administrator answers:

No. Both insurance and a DL is going to require that you have a home address. Insurance is going to require it because rates are partially based on where you live. But they will send the bill to a PO Box.

Drivers License always require a physical address and it must be a residence.

Steven asks…

Does your insurance go up if you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else’s car?

The car and insurance for that car is registered to my friend. The insurance to my vehicle isn’t in my name. Will my insurance go up because of this ticket?

Administrator answers:

Yes because that ticket will go into your driving record. And car insurance companies take a look at your record every now and then.The main reason your rates will increase is because driving violations and tickets are indicators of a risky driver. The riskier you are while on the road, the higher the likelihood of filing a claim and the more insurers would have to shoulder that kind of expenses. So they will raise your rates to compensate for the higher risk. Hope this helps!

Sharon asks…

Car insurance rates for a new teenaged driver?

So we have State Farm car insurance and our 17-year-old daughter is attempting to get her license. She has straight A’s and is doing their Steer Clear program. Does anyone have an estimation of how much this will increase our insurance rates?
We are in Arizona and she will be using a 1995 Plymoth Voyager (minivan).

Administrator answers:

I paid <100 a month at her age with liability only. This was with state farm, good grades and drivers Ed.

James asks…

How much does it cost to rent a car for 1 week exactly?

7 day car rental. Im 21 if age of the person renting makes a difference. How much will it cost to rent a car? This will be my first time renting a car. Idk what kind of car I will rent but I don’t need anything fancy. Just enough to fit 3 people and as long as the car works. Im not picky lol.
No need to mock. I didn’t know different locations charge differently. I thought it depends on the car rented. Can someone at least give me an estimate especially from their own experience?

Administrator answers:

Prices do vary by location–city, airport, etc.

Here are some of the quotes from Enterprise for my area (Mobile Bay area in Alabama) for available rentals for 21 to 24 year old renters for 1 week (May 10 to May 17):

Economy Car (Chevrolet Spark or similar)–$307.19
Compact Car (Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, or similar)–$313.57
Intermediate Car (Toyota Corolla, Nissa Sentra, or similar)–$325.62
Standard Car (Chrysler 200 or similar)–$337.35
Full Size Car (Chevrolet Impala, Nissa Altima, Dodge Charger or similar)–$347.75
Intermediate SUV (Ford Escape, Jeep Liberty or similar)–$475.51
Standard SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee or similar)–$496.86
(Other classes of vehicles not available due to age restrictions or availability at the location.)

Some other companies may rent to 21-year-old renters. You will have to call them or visit their websites for their policies. You will be paying a higher daily rate for the rental. You will not have access to the entire fleet of vehicles. You must have a valid driver’s license, credit card and insurance on your personal vehicle. If you do not have a credit card, some companies will accept a debit card, but will place a large “hold” on your account. If you do not have a personal vehicle, or your personal vehicle does not have collision coverage with the insurance, you will be required to purchase coverage for the rental.

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