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March 31, 2012

Charles asks…

Car insurance rates in Ontario for new driver?

I plan to import my ’01 Camry from USA to missisuaga. How much shd I expect to pay p.m. in car Insurance rates ? I have 3 yrs clean driving history in USA.Will my driving history in USA help with getting a better rate in canada ? Initially I will have only a US drivers license.Pls help shed light on my doubts ..
Forgot to mention – I am married , age 30 yrs

Administrator answers:

Goggle for insurance rates.

James asks…

Where can I get the cheapest car insurance rates for a new driver?

Administrator answers:

You really have to shop around. Insurance rates will differ by your location, and all insurance companies rate things such as age, driving history, and type of vehicles differently.

The best way to find the cheapest insurance is to get an online insurance quote that will compare all companies in your area and find you the lowest prices.

You can get a free quote at

Donna asks…

What is a fairly average car insurance rate when a you add a new driver in the family?

A family member is getting ready to get their license, and I wanted to know if car insurance rates would go up, and what a likely rate would be.

Administrator answers:

Way too many factors to take a decent guess. When I got married my insurance went down considerably, we went from about $150/mo each to $200/mo combined. So, in that instance, adding a driver reduced our rate.

Adding a 16 year old to a policy that was previously rated for two adults would have much different results though – depending on the company, your location and the car’s value and performance, it could go up by as much as $200/mo or more.

No way to know without making a phone call to your insurance company though – just pick up the phone and call. Most companies can answer this type of question down to the penny in less than 10 minutes. If yours can’t, maybe it’s time for a new company.

Sandra asks…

What is a car that will have low(er) insurance rates for a new 16 yr old driver??

So i just turned 16 and i didnt get my license yet but i am soon and my parents insurance agent said different cars have higher or lower prices on insurance, he said maybe a mid-size sedan or a small suv or minivan. but… i dont know. Anyone with experience with this cause i’m in need of a car!!

Administrator answers:

The less sporty the car, the cheaper it is to insure. Four doors is cheaper than 2. When I was looking I told my dad what kind I was interested in and he got specific models quoted for insurance so we could figure out which one was the best all around.

Ken asks…

Insurance rates of a new leased car vs. a used car?

I am looking for a car to drive, and it’s my first car. I am wondering what the difference in insurance costs would be between:
a) A brand new leased car
b) A fairly old used car
I know it depends on the type of car, but lets go with a honda accord, because that’s what I would buy/lease.
Also, I am 16. Is it possible for my dad to “own” the lease but designate me as the driver of the car?

Administrator answers:

If you lease you have to carry full coverage and $300,000 coverage per accident which costs a lot more where as you don’t have to carry the $300,000 on a used vehicle, usually it’s full coverage and $100,000 on a used one if you finance it, if you pay cash for the vehicle you can get away with just paying liability insurance if you so choose.

George asks…

Insurance rates on classic sports cars for new drivers?

obviously, insurance rates are higher for new drivers and even more so if they drive a sports car, but aren’t rates lower on classic cars? if so does the reduction make up for the car being a sports car? for example, a 1965 Ford Mustang.

Administrator answers:

Classic cars are worth a lot and therefore the insurance would be high. Sports cars have high insurance too. So do new drivers. 3 things that cause high insurance combined to make very high insurance.

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