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August 3, 2012

Linda asks…

Buying my first car and have a few questions?

In a few months I’m gonna be buying my first car (I’m 16, so obviously I’m going with the used car route.) I know its a little early to start asking but I wanna be smart about it all when it comes time. I won’t have much money to spend because I don’t want to completely rely on my parents, so I’ll probably have no more than 3,000 to spend.
on to my questions,
what should I look for in the mileage? how much is too much?
what make of cars is the best to get?
another thing, what type of car would be cheapest to insure? insurance is already gonna be sky high with me being a new driver.
and lastly, have any of you ever bought a used car? have any tips?

Thank you very, very much!

Administrator answers:

First I would take driving lessons, they are expensive but in the long run they will help you. (they cost about 300-350 for 6 hours) They will teach you everything you need to know about driving, and they will help you pass the test.
But more importantly they will save you LOTS of money when it comes to insurance. When i was 16 I took driving lessons, and they reduced my insurance by 560 dollars a year!
So do yourself a favor and take the lessons believe me, you will not regret it.

As for the car, if you have about 3,000 to spend your probably going to get a car from the year 1996-1999.

A good car for a young teen driver would be a honda civic.. And try to get a 4 door so the insurance will be cheaper.
You can get a 1998 honda civic 4 door for around 2000-3000

They are very good on gas, the average civic gets about 26-32 MPG.

And for the mileage, for $3000 you will probably get a car in the range of years from 1996-1999… So your car will probably have around 120,000 thousand miles, but if you get a honda that is no big deal because they are known to drive for well over 200,000 miles.

Lastly, when buying a used car try to buy from a private owner, that way you will know what your getting,DONT BUY FROM A USED CARD DEALERSHIP!!1 ALL THEY DO IS LIE AND ACT LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND JUST TO SELL YOU A CAR!! When looking at cars dont just look at the outside, look under the hood, check out the tires make sure they have good tread, you dont want to buy a car that needs new tires because that will cost you about 300 dollars.
Also when looking, dont be afraid to ask A LOT of questions ask as many as you want dont hesitate, ask them questions like… Why are you selling it? Has it been in any acciadents? Has it been well maintained?
Make sure to do a CarFax report on it, which will cost around 30 dollars but is worth it., it will tell you everything about the vehicle, when it had its oil changed, if it was involved in any accidents.

Lastly, ask the seller if you can take it to your mechanic, take it to your mechanic have him run some tests make sure everything is ok.

And also test drive it, make sure its the right car for you, when test driving it, dont be afraid to punch the gas, drive it rough, swurve back and forth to make sure there isnt anything loose check all the functions( wipers, lights, horn, heat, Air conditioning, )

Good Luck!

Ken asks…

What kind of car is best for me?

I was hit by a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve and my Toyota Corolla was totaled. My insurance is giving me 3000 to get a new car. I plan on spending anywhere from 3000 to 6000 (I would like to get the “extra” financed to help build my credit). Of course, I will be looking at used cars. I want a car – not an SUV or truck- with great gas mileage (huge priority), that looks good, and is fun to drive. I want something that is reliable and will last a long time. I loved my Toyota and I know Toyotas are great cars. In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting another one, if I found one in my price range. However, I was kinda thinking “new year, new car“, and a change would be nice. I love the way the Mitsubishi Eclipse looks; however, I hear that the gas mileage is not too great. What do you think? Also, do you have any tips for car shopping in general? Thank you for your input!!!!

Administrator answers:

Mitsu anything is ok until you have to repair it. $$$! Looks and mileage are not totally a package. You kinda have to give a little one one or the other. Chevy’s Aveo 24/34 and isn’t ugly. Ford Focus 24/37 not great to look at but seats 5.
Pontiac G5 25/34 and I think they are sharp. Your car has to be you and make you happy. In your address bar type www.Toyota or Pontiac or any other make and you will usually get to their official site. Good luck and happy hunting!

Sandra asks…

How can I get a good deal on a brand new 2012 Camaro?

Hi everyone,

I’m going to be turning 18 in may and I really like the Camaro 2LT with the 45th anniversary package. My budget is 30k however, with the options and taxes its looking more like 33-34k. I was wondering if you guys could help me get a good deal on this car and maybe give me some tips on buying/negotiating for this car. Also, I know that because of my age insurance will be a fortune. I was wondering if you guys know anyway how I can buy this car so that the insurance won’t be as expensive. I’ve heard that if I buy the car in my parents name (both over 45) and then they just add me as a driver that it will be much cheaper. Do you guys have any better ideas on how to get insurance so that it won’t cost as much as it would with my own policy. I am new to this and I really like this car so I would really appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Get a slightly used one and save a bunch. The ins will be high no matter what. EVERYONE who is new pays a higher price.

I taught a lady 40 years old how to drive, and the ins co said her premiums would be high at first and would gradually go down as she gained experience over 2 or 3 years. She didn’t have any claims for several years and her rate went down much lower.

Sharon asks…

Renting a car after a wreck.?

Ok on Thursday morning at 330AM a drunk driver hit my truck. Finally today she claimed she was liable for the accident. I am suppose to go get a rent a car from Enterprise tommrow morning and her insurance is paying for it. My question is how will they decide what I get to rent or do I get to choose? Also should I be careful on what I sign or anything..basically any tips for while im there. I am just new to this whole experience. Also how long do you think it will take to repair a truck if it is basically totalled. Thanks in advance.
The frame is messed up im pretty sure because both doors would not open…the cop had to pry open the passanger side door to let me get my stuff out. After the towing guy turned the truck on a brownish redish liquid sprayed out of it. They set up the appt and everything and all I have to do is pick it up but I have no idea what kind of car it is. If it is going to be totalled how long do you think it will take for me to find out from them that it is. Then do I just take the car back or do I get to keep it till I get a check from them? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Have you already been in touch with YOUR insurance? They should be able to help you navigate this minefield. That’s what you pay your agent to do! :-)

The insurance company probably has a limit per day that you can spend on your rental…you should find out what that limit is before you go. My insurance company actually called and arranged the rental for me, so all I had to do was go pick it up.

I have no idea how long it will take to repair your truck…you don’t give us any idea what is wrong with it. If there looks like there is any kind of frame damage, they will most likely total it out. Good luck to you!

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