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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

June 28, 2012

Maria asks…

In the uk, i am 18, new driver, and want cheap car insurance. The cheapest i have found is £2500. any ideas?

Administrator answers:

What ever car you get make sure that’s 1.1 the small thing you find the small the cheapest

Donald asks…

around how much is car insurance for a 19 year old new driver in the uk?

Administrator answers:

As others have said there are a lot of variables so an accurate estimate is impossible without more information.
The cost will vary according to your sex – males are more expensive to insure than females. Your driving history – points on your licence will rack up the cost as will any previous accidents. The type of vehicle and it’s performance (but not its age – ‘A U M’ is talking rubbish) also play a big part. Other factors include your location and where the car is kept overnight.
So if you are a 19year old girl with a clean licence and no accidents driving a small engined small car with Group 1 insurance eg Toyota Aygo in the MIdlands with the car kept garaged at night then expect to pay over £1000 per year. Increase this figure accordingly based on the variables above…………
Insurers also give discount for the number of years you have gone without a claim – some insurers eg Direct Line will take into account time you have spent on someone else’s policy as a named driver.

Robert asks…

Can I take out a TPFT car insurance policy on my partner’s new car? uk?

I am 28, female and a LONG time provisional licence holder, he is a new full licence holder under 25 – my quotes come up £200 cheaper with him as a named driver than they do with him as policyholder and myself as a named driver. He is the registered keeper and most frequent driver, and I’ve made this clear on all the online quote forms, but I’d like to know if the policy would be above board. Anyone have any idea?
Sorry, seem to have clouded the issue a bit with bad wording. The car is new to my partner, ie he’s never insured it or any car before, it’s actually a 1999 Fiesta with 90,000 on the clock! Hence not worried about fully comp.

I’m pretty used to being accused of being stupid, I don’t mind as long as I’m within the law and saving money!

Administrator answers:

New drivers and new cars don’t mix at all (it’s not an opinion but a fact).

If then you throw in the pot a TPFT you are going to risk quite a lot, but I admire the courage and it is a welcome change from the billion sheep who ALL must get a more expensive car than they can manage so then must get finance and ALL must get fully comp and ALL moan that they can’t afford it and HALF get it repossessed.

I think that that’s way more stupid than getting TPFT on your partner’s new car.

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