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February 1, 2013

Mandy asks…

Can my wife registered as the second driver pay the insurance instead of me?

The car is registered on my name. Do we need to register the car on her name first or this isn’t necessary?

Administrator answers:

A UK answer -
Not sure of the circumstances that lead you to ask this so here are some very important points for you to be aware of -
1. Insurers tend to expect and ask for confirmation of the fact that the car owner, DVLA registered keeper (name on V5C log book), the policyholder and the main user of the car are the same person.
2. If you are all of the above and your wife is a true occasional second user then there is no problem in setting up the policy either as monthly or lump sum paid for by your wife
3. For the second driver to be the policyholder may be difficult to impossible to arrange and you would certainly not be able to do it on line but would need to actually talk to an insurance broker.
Finally, 4. Never tell lies to an insurer even if you think they will never find out. In the event of a claim they may well check for insurance fronting and they have lots of sneaky ways to do so. If they even suspect it they are likely to deny the claim and leave it to you to prove otherwise. Obtaining insurance at a lower price than it should be by deception is a serious criminal matter that could even land you in jail.

Michael asks…

What are the consequences for underage driving in the UK?

Earlier on today i was out driving with my mum in her car (im 16, 17 in two weeks) in a really quiet area, then a police car came right behind us, so i pulled over thinking we were going to get arrested or something but he drove straight past, also im not insured on my mums car so what would the consequences be? e.g fines

Administrator answers:

You could be fined for no insurance, and be banned for driving Your mum could also be fined and get points on her licence. She may also find it harder to get insurance as she allowed the car to be used by an unlicensed, uninsured driver.
You were lucky, wait two weeks until you have your provisional licence and are insured.

George asks…

Will you be able to register a car without license in the UK?

I am aware one person can own it and add as many named drivers on the insurance, but my friend wants to own the car but the only driver will be her boyfriend since she hasn’t got provisional license.
If this is possible, who needs to hold the insurance certificate for road tax purpose, the owner or the driver?

Administrator answers:

It’s a good question. Anybody can legally own a car, even a 5 year old. The owner is not always the registered keeper either. So your friend could be the legal owner and her partner could be the registered keeper. That could be tricky if they fell out though. The certificate of motor insurance has the car registration number on it, I think thats all that is required, so he should be able to tax her car with his insurance document providing that the reg.# is correct. As long as there IS a certificate to cover that car. All the insurance companies ask ” are you the main driver” when buying insurance.
So the answer really is him

Get her to ring an insurance company (on an 0800 #) for a free quote on their desired car just to see what the score is and then get a quote for him

Daniel asks…

What companies offer cheap car insurance in the UK?

I am looking for companies that offer cheap car insurance in the UK for my dad by obtaining quotes and was wondering what companies you recommend.

Any extra details that may help are that my dad is a safe driver who has never had any accidents or convictions, he has been driving for 30 years and he has 8 years no claims discount which he still wants protected. Let me know if you need another details. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

No one company will be the cheapest or even below average cost for all drivers and all vehicles.

It is up to you or you dad to shop around to find the best rates for him.

Betty asks…

How to get car insurance for a reasonable price at 17/18?

Please, please please, do not say “oooh you’re a hazard, you’re not going to get cheap car insurance” GTFO!

I am asking people who have managed to get reasonably cheap car insurance. How did you get it? What car (size engine)? What Company?

I think if I get my insurance down to £1700 I will consider buying a car but I want to know how feasible this price is.

Oh, by the way, I am 17 (but I will buy the car when i’m 18), I have been riding a moped for 2 years with no accidents (I’m not sure if this helps) and i won’t use the car a lot, I just want a little run around.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers guys!

Administrator answers:

1) Your choice of car………. Don’t expect to be able to afford anything with an engine bigger than a 1.2litre Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa, or perhaps a Ford Ka….. At the most a Ford Focus / Vauxhall Astra / Volkswagen Golf with a 1.6litre is certainly the biggest you can expect to get away with….. And almost certainly something like a Toyota Aygo (Group1 insurance, designed for young drivers).

2) Consider taking the “Pass Plus” advanced driving lessons… That’s supposed to help

You may also want to look at a few advanced driving books such as “Roadcraft” to also help keep you out of trouble….. And help you build-up your No Claims Bonus (NCB) for the future.


3) Your choice of insurance company… Some are kinder to Young drivers than others……


Nancy asks…

How many people in the UK paying for and obtaining car insurance are not in reality , insured ?

Many people fill in their insurance details incorrectly, either deliberately or otherwise brokers accept same as do the insurance company collecting the cash, knowing full well that they will not pay out in the event of a major claim. How does the govt look at this ?

Administrator answers:

If you deliberately misstate your details on an insurance proposal form (and you have plenty of time to check the details when the policy is issued) you are committing a crime. The govt takes the view that they will then take you to court and punish you through the judicial system for ‘obtaining goods or services through deception”. There’s really not much else they can do, except run a compensation scheme for those who are hit by uninsured drivers, which they do (see below). Personally having worked in insurance markets in several countries over the years, I think the UK govt is one of the most active in this area. It never ceases to amaze me the number of countries where basic motor insurance isn’t even compulsory.

The idea that insurers knowingly accept false details (or don’t care) is simply incorrect. There is absolutely no mileage in them doing so and a lot of reasons why they wouldn’t.

If you are hit by a car driven by someone who has had their policy cancelled because of a deliberate misstatement you can then claim from the uninsured driver’s compensation scheme administered by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). Since the MIB is funded by Insurers they still end up paying the cost one way or another.

There is an incentive for insurers to check details of anyone applying for insurance since if the ‘fraud’ is never discovered, they lose money, they want to check you’re paying the premium you should, not any less. There are also money laundering and other laws to comply with. You might be surprised how much checking is actually done. It’s mainly done behind the scenes, but it is there.

John asks…

What’s the best car to buy for first time driver in thirties?

I have no ncb and have been driving for a year with 3 points I’m in my early 30s. what’s my best options car and insurance wise?

Administrator answers:

A 1.25 Ford Fiesta or a 206 Peugeot, something with a small engine firstly, then build up from there,or even a Hyhundia ( Ins. Group 2 )…had one for years, not this model, could not fault it for just doing it’s job.

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