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July 19, 2012

Mandy asks…

How much is Car Insurance in the US for a new driver?

Does it depend on the state?
Just give me an average price.
Im from the UK and my Insurance was £1700 for 1 year.
Yo Ken K it’s not 1700 Bucks it’s £1700
Over $2500.

Could the answers please be given as figures I don’t want to no any bullshit, just roughly.
Ok none of you so far have given me a price.
So could you tell me how much your car insurance costs.

Administrator answers:

Hey Ricky, I pay roughly $1200 a year. I’m married, in my 30′s and drive a pickup truck. As others have stated it really does vary quite a lot by age, gender, location, and type of car. The best advice I can give you is to get a bunch of quotes from insurance companies. I’ve got some free online quote sites on my blog if you wanna check it out. Http://

Paul asks…

which is the cheapest best car with least insurance to pay on for a new driver? (IN UK)?

Administrator answers:


Carol asks…

Car insurance, UK QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!?

UK QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am researching car insurance at the moment, what do you think i can expect to pay? Whats a good insurance company to go with?

heres my details…
18 year old female,
New driver,
Pass plus certificate,
Insurance group 5 car,

the cheapest ive found is 1246.00 is this a normal amount to have to pay???

Thanks :)
lol u have 2 be 19 to get insured with sheilas wheels :p

Administrator answers:

It’s probably not far from wrong.

But try Admiral – they are best for young drivers and higher insurance scenarios.

Companies like Churchill and Prudent are best for people at the opposite end of the scale!

Sandy asks…

is van insurance cheaper than car insurance in uk for first time drivers?

basically im a new driver and am lookin for the vehicle tht offers the cheapest insurance, im male by the way

Administrator answers:

Way more expensive, considered commercial vehicle and all that stuff. Try asking an insurer and you will see.

Charles asks…

I’m new driver and want to buy insurance,the question is can i get my newly passed partner on my insurance? UK?

Hi, as the question states i want to get insurance on my new car, and also get my partner insured on my policy on his own car(not the same as i will be getting insured on)
Is this possible in the UK, we both passed recently and we’re both looking for different cars and we will be needing them for different things and different times so 1 car is out of the question, so can i get 2 cars and 2 drivers insured on 1 policy, or will he have to get his own policy?

Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

You need two seperate policies for each car and it will be mega expensive

Richard asks…

UK Car insurance w/foreign driving history?

I will be needing UK car insurance – I just passed my UK driving test. I have nearly 30 yrs experience driving in total (no accidents/claims) as I have held a US license during that time. I’m a middle aged woman – not a young driver, but wonder if my previous driving experience will count for anything with the insurance rates here in the UK. Or will I be treated as a new/inexperienced driver? I am resident in the UK with citizenship – so I’m not here temporarily.

Administrator answers:

Over a certain age there are good offers try ” insurance mature drivers ” e.g. SAGA , also your employer or Trade union or AA / RAC ( MATURE DRIVERS ) Good luck you can drive now like every other nutcase , when you go back the states they ( police ) pull you over for driving up the arse of a H.G.V. Fun here innit ! It’s like on the road , PUSH , ARGUE for some no claims with your experience . The county sherrif flashed me and I flashed the truck in front .

Steven asks…

which is the cheaper car insurance in uk.?

i m 29 new driver looking for cheap car insurance can any one helps me for it please,

Administrator answers:

I will suggest u try e sure .com it is better than others r go to travel super market and search there.

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