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February 5, 2013

Donald asks…

What insurance company should i use as a 17 year old male?

I am looking for the cheapest insurance firstly as with a provisional license holder and then with a full uk license, the car is a 2001 Vauxhall Corsa (Y reg) and has alloy wheels. Also if its better to be a named driver with one of my parents as the owner. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I am afraid until you are over 25 its going to be expensive, being a named driver will make no difference they will still charge £2500+ on top of your parents insurance and unless you have insurance in your name you will not qualify for any no claims discount.

Mandy asks…

Who is responsible for insurance for test drives when selling vehicles?

I want to sell my van. I have insurance which covers only me as a driver, which I think is pretty standard in the UK. I expect potential buyers to want to test drive it, do I have to ask them whether they have insurance which covers them to drive my vehicle? If they have another vehicle their insurance may cover them to drive other vehicles, but if they don’t have other insurance, what is the usual situation? I imagine this must be a fairly common issue – is there a type of short-term insurance I can buy, or which I can expect the test-driver to buy for themselves, specifically to cover people wanting to test-drive vehicles?

Thanks very much for your help!

Administrator answers:

AS you are the owner you are responsible for making sure that anyone you allow to drive it is insured and the driver too is also responsible
IF you let someone drive your vehicle and they are not insured and they get caught YOU and THEY will both get fined and a minimum 6 points on your licences.
Not only do you need to ask about their insurance you also need proof.
Only a motor traders policy will allow anyone to test drive like that
A test driver could buy a temporary one day insurance themselves but this is not cheap.

Yes its difficult but there is no simple solution unless the driver has some cover from an existing policy on a vehicle they already have.
Note that a car policy may allow a driver to drive other cars not belonging to them, third party only but this DOES NOT INCLUDE VANS.
Any buyer not buying from a dealer will have this problem

Thomas asks…

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don’t own a car. I don’t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance?

is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you are covered under his insurance as long as he has given you permission to drive the car. You would only need to be listed on his policy if you lived in his household. Children living at home need to be listed on their parent’s policy to be covered, probably why you are receiving so many incorrect answers that state that you must be listed on the policy. This is universal throughout the US and the UK. The UK does have the occasional policy that restricts operation to the named drivers only but this is the exception, not the rule, and normally only restricts under-25s from driving the vehicle.

It is possible to get a blanket liability policy that will cover you when driving someone else’s car (I have one myself) but it is only effective as additional coverage, not primary coverage when driving someone else’s car.

Paul asks…

How did you get insurance for delivering pizza?

im starting a delivery job at dominos soon. im using my own car. i would like to know how did you get insurance for this job? does dominos cover you under their insurance? i’ve looked for insurance and its like £5k and £10k…

dominos UK delivery drivers only please or anyone that knows the answer.

Administrator answers:

Dominos will not cover your vehicle as the vehicle belongs to you, not them. You will have to ask your insurer to change the use of your vehicle to delivery use (not business use, there’s a difference). Delivery use is one of the most expensive classes outside of inter-city transport, so you may want to decide if it’s worth it. Failing to inform your insurer makes your policy void.

Joseph asks…

How can landed immigrants get car insurance in Canada?

we will be arriving in quebec and plan to buy a car and move to new brunswick, we have UK driving licences. Thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

As landed immigrants, there is no difference between you and citizens, as far as insurance. The only difference, really, is that you need to have your landed immigrant visa with you as well as your UK passports to go in and out of the country.
You need to pass Canadian drivers license exam within 3 months of being here. Your UK licences are good until then.
BTW, I would never buy a car in Quebec. They have the most relaxed laws in the country, as to what constitutes a ‘wrecked’ or ‘unsafe’ car. That’s where our wrecked car went after we were paid out by the insurance. Be very careful, even if the car looks well. Get a report from CarFax before you buy it, so you know it hasn’t been totaled.

Nancy asks…

best insurance group in the UK for under 21?


I was just wondering if anyone knew the best insurance group in the UK for a driver whose is under 21.

My fiancee is looking at a 1.1 Fiesta Zetec and is wanting 3rd party pinch and burn but everywhere is quoting friggin’ thousands.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Administrator answers:

My daughter got third party only for under £400 on a fiesta from She was 17 and had just passed her test. It was the cheapest quote we got.

But the best thing to do is look at some of the comparison sites. Here are a few:

Jenny asks…

Who pays my deductible when my car accident was not my fault?

I heard, when an accident is not your fault, you can avoid paying your own deductible by going through the other driver‘s insurance, although it takes much longer.

Then I heard that if you go through your own insurance, and pay your own deductible, and it wasn’t you fault, then the other insurance company will reimburse you.

Then I heard, you have to go through your own insurance company, you have to pay your own deductible, and your out that money even if it wasn’t you fault. Only chioce after that is to sue in small calims.

Which is true, which is the best way to go?

Administrator answers:

Good God, you’re getting a lot of wrong answers.

“In an insurance policy, the deductible (North American term) or excess (UK term) is the portion of any claim that is not covered by the insurance provider. It is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will cover any expenses.”

Read that. Read it again. It should be blindingly clear.

So, as you can see, the deductible is paid out of pocket before your insurance, or their insurance, does anything.


Depending on the result of the accident, you MIGHT be reimbursed an amount that will cover your deductible, but until that happens, it still must come out of your wallet.

For example, if it’s a 300$ accident, and your deductible is $500…you’re paying the whole $300.

If it’s $600? Then they’ll give you $100, AFTER you pay the $500.

Which is why it never pays to have a high deductible.

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