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February 16, 2013

Steven asks…

How can I be added as a named driver on my son’s car insurance? He lives in the UK and I live in Spain.?

My son already has the car I want to drive as an ‘add-on’ to his other car insurance. There is already another named driver. Should it be possible to remove the 2nd named driver and substitute it with my name for the two weeks I shall need to drive it?
I want to drive the car in the UK for two weeks over Christmas.

Administrator answers:

Try asking the insurer the same question and you won’t waste further time.

Sandra asks…

How much would it cost to get a car door fitted ?

Hi I was recently in an accident my offside door took the brunt of the crash.

It was not my fault and claming the other party so hopefully they accept liability.

Is it possible to claim for everything else off the company except the my car ie claim legal costs and my hire car at the moment and injury claim but not claim off them for my car

As it will be written off but it’s perfectly drivable just cosmetic damage. ?

Also how much would it cost to get a car door fitted ?

Administrator answers:

Don’t understand…who says he is guilty ,the police or insurance company. In the uk you report the accident to your own insurance Company and give the other drivers info,address and his insurance co and that is it.your own insurance does everything for you

Thomas asks…

in the UK is it legal to drive in someone elses car if you arent on their insurance?

Let’s say the owner of the car is sitting beside you in the passenger seat & you are driving.
And you both hold a full valid driving license, would it be legal or illegal to drive this car?

And if illegal, what fines could u face, if any?

Administrator answers:

Depends on his insurance. If the owner carries fully comprehensive insurance and that insurance allows others to drive the car then it’s fine. If the owner is under 25 then it’s unlikely that he’ll have the other driver clause. If you’re under 25 then even with that clause you’re probably not covered anyway.

So, mostly illegal. Driving without insurance carries a minimum of 6 points and £200 fine, but immediate disqualification and *eye-wateringly large* fines are common. If you’re a new driver (held licence for less than two years) then immediate disqualification is almost certain.

Michael asks…

How much does it cost Americans to insure their cars?

Ok so i’m 23, I live in the UK & I got my license not so long ago as I wasn’t too bothered at being able to drive at a younger age. Anyway, for me to insure a £300 car ($485) it will cost me £3500 ($5,600) a year. I know I’m a first time driver but still… Is the insurance in America this ridiculous?

Administrator answers:

Sometimes it is.
Depends on the car, demographics, the driving record of the insured, the age of the insured and even the credit record of the insured.

I pay $1100 a year for full coverage on 2 cars (2009 and 2012) and 2 motorcycles (2009 and 2001).
Then again, I have a spotless driving record and am ancient.

Donald asks…

My UK company wants a copy of my driving licence. I do not drive a company car or travel on business?

I work for Eon uk who have recently requested copies of drivers licences for all their employees. I dont drive a company vehicle neither do I need to travel on behalf for company business. What is their business with our licences?
All employees produce valid ID before starting work. They are pursuing drivers only. If they know you do not have a car, they are not concerned!

Administrator answers:

Their concern is that if you have any company property in your car, possibly the notes for the next day’s work for example, you could be considered to be driving on company business, and their insurance might get involved after an incident. Also they are allowing you to drive on and off their property (car park) and they need to know you are legal to drive. It’s a side effect of the compensation culture where the alleged victim tries to sue anybody and everybody even remotely connected with an incident.

Helen asks…

How do we improve transport in the UK?

What’s your experience of transport in the UK today?

The Department for Transport is only meeting two out of seven targets, according to the House of Commons Transport Committee.

Missed targets include those for congestion, air quality, and introducing concessionary bus fares, but road safety and rail punctuality aims had been met.

What are your biggest concerns about transport in the UK? What are your suggestions for improving the system?

Administrator answers:

Am I the only sane one in the country? Crush all illegal cars. Crush cars of drivers who feel insurance is not necessary. Crush cars of people too stupid to wear a seatbelt (therefore too stupid to be allowed to drive). How much congestion have I just cleared? Makes the roads safer as well. Will create demand for public transport, create jobs and reduce the tax burden on the country.

Donna asks…

Which car for a 18yrs old driver, for cheap car insurance?


I’m a 18yrs old french girl, who have my full english driving license since January. I would like to buy a car, but I would like to know which one have cheap car insurance. I already know that the car shouldnt be higher than 1.6L. I have some idea for my car like Fiat 500, Nissan Micra, but the insurance is expensive.

Thank You
How much per year/month could I expect to pay ?

Administrator answers:

Insurance is expensive for teens in the UK. Even the smallest cars like those you’ve mentioned will cost £3k+ to insure.

Linda asks…

How do I buy a car without a driver’s lisence?

I’m thinking of saving up my money to buy a car, but I don’t drive or have a lisence.:( I’m thinking of just going ahead and buying the car and putting insurance on it in case something was to happen and then teach myself how to drive. Is this a good idea?

Administrator answers:

You dont tell me what country you live in? Lets assume its the UK.You dont need a licence to buy a car. You would have to have it delivered. In the UK you also dont need insurance as long as its on your own land. But you had best get it for fire and theft.

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