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February 17, 2013

Ken asks…

How much could I pay for an insurance policy in UK?

I’m 24, I’ve a car already insured in Italy. I’m in 13°…I dont know how does it work in UK.. I pay more or less 1000 euros here. How much could it be in england?
my car is an old Ford Fiesta (1991 first registration)

Administrator answers:

How long would you be coming to England for ?

I think that most UK insurers would not take in to account your history in Italy.. And treat you as a new driver. In UK if you don’t have any accidents each year.. Your premium reduced up to 70%. Its called noclaims bonus. You would be treated as having no noclaims bonus by UK car insurers.

I can go to other European countries on my car insurance for a few weeks at a time if I notify my UK car insurer and pay an extra premium to them.

BTW i’m 30-ish in South Manchester and my comprehensive policy, 4 years noclaims bonus, on a VW Golf 1.6 S (2002) cost me £330 for the year.. And included a sub 25 year old girl on the policy too.

UK insurers look at the risk of the area you live in (in the UK). Your age. Your job. Car type.. (high powered sports cars cost more for obvious reasons), and a few other things. For you at 23, with an old Fiesta… Well depends if you have a job or not… But I’m guessing you could get comprehensive insurance for around £900 to £1200 for 1 year.

James asks…

Is it legal to drive on provisional insurance, although I have a full licence?

I passed my test today, and I am insured as a provisional driver on my dad’s car. he isn’t here to change my insurance details from prov. licence to full licence. would it be legal for me to drive the car?

Administrator answers:

Yes it is illegal as the insurer must be notified of the change to a material circumstance which this is.
What is also illegal is getting someone like a Dad to fraudulently declare himself as the main driver of a car which you are really the main driver of – see this BBC news report for more details –

Get caught and you are guaranteed 6 points and so bang goes your brand new full licence.

Excuse me if you are not having Dad do this and congrats on passing – don’t drive it yet though

David asks…

License held for on Car Insurance Comparison sites?

Hey guys,

I’m looking to see how much my car insurance would be on a price comparison site such as Confused or Comparethemarket.

I am currently a provisional driver and have had it for about 3 years. Within these websites it asks the question How long have you held this license for. If I pass my test and I change to a full UK license do I put down the date I passed my test, or the date I first got my provisional license?


Administrator answers:

From when you passed the test

Joseph asks…

Can a Foreigner buy a car in California and sell it in Seattle?

Can anyone tell me whether the following plan is plausable?…

I am British, going on a long vacation to the US and Canada. I’d like to buy a car in California, use it there for a few months, drive it up and over the border to Vancouver, Canada, use it there for a few months and then drive back down to Seattle where I’d like to sell it before flying home.

I’ve been told that there is no point trying to sell in Canada but is it ok to drive up there and use the car for a few months?

What are the rules/regulations for buying a car as a foreigner in California and then selling it in Seattle?

Thanks for any advice :)

Thanks for the answer. Does export mean export out of the country or export to another state?

I’ve signed a 3 month lease on a property where I could have the title sent. Would this be ok and could I then take it north with me to sell the car in Seattle? Thanks

Administrator answers:

You are correct in that you can’t sell a US car in Canada. In order to sell a vehicle in Canada you would require a Canadian title/registration. This requires a long, complex, and expensive process of importing a car in to Canada. There is a mountain of paper work, you pay import taxes, environmental fees, the vehicle must by on certain lists (which have been tested in Canada), you usually need to modify the vehicle for Canadian laws (replace the dash board for metric, install day-time-running lights, etc.). Even if you do all this, Canadians avoid buying US cars (especially from non-Canadians) — they’ll suspect it in being sold in Canada to hide a US accident and know it isn’t covered by factor recalls and doesn’t have Canadian levels of rust coating.

There is no issue with driving a US vehicle in Canada for a limited amount of time. Exact rules vary by province. In BC, you can drive a US vehicle for up to 6 months provided you have a valid driver’s license (from one of a number of listed country, including the UK) and the vehicle has insurance which specifically states it is valid in Canada. You can not insure the vehicle in BC itself unless the vehicle is imported/registered in BC and you have a valid BC driver’s license.

So you will need to ensure that the vehicle is insured in California. California uses private insurance and you may find obtaining insurance to be difficult if you do not have a California driver’s license and/or are not a US citizen. You may have to search specifically for companies which offer insurance to non-residents and they may have specific requirements on your age, driving experience, etc. It may also not be inexpensive.

There are no legal issue with selling it in Seattle. You have to fill out forms in Washington.

You may have general issues with how long it takes to both buy and sell a vehicle. Buyers might also be hesitant to deal with a non-citizen. If the car is a lemon… They don’t have anyone to sue. You typically won’t have a lot of time to get a good deal and you always run the risk of purchasing a lemon yourself.

You can rent a car in the US for about $500 a month (with insurance). Even over six months, you may find this to be a less expensive/hassle than trying to buy and sell a vehicle. You likely loss several thousand dollars on insurance and both buying and selling the vehicle to start with.

George asks…

How much does it cost Americans to insure their cars?

Ok so i’m 23, I live in the UK & I got my license not so long ago as I wasn’t too bothered at being able to drive at a younger age. Anyway, for me to insure a £300 car ($485) it will cost me £3500 ($5,600) a year. I know I’m a first time driver but still… Is the insurance in America this ridiculous?

Administrator answers:

It tends to be cheaper, but the rules on insurance vary from state to state as does the third party cover you are legally required to hold. In one or two I believe you only have to insure against third party medical costs to a maximum of a few thousand dollars. In the UK you have to hold theoretically unlimited third party liability (though many insurers now cap that at 5 million of something like that). So in general you are probably not comparing like with like.

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