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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

February 23, 2013

Lisa asks…

What would happen you were pulled over while driving an uninsured, unregistered vehicle?

For example, let’s say someone imported a car from a foreign market and drove it around on public roads. The car couldn’t be insured of registered, and they were pulled over. What would happen? Would they just be fined, would they have their license revoked, would they have their car impounded, or something else?

Administrator answers:

In the UK, it would be impounded and the driver/owner would have to pay an impound fee together with storage fees. They would have to get insurance before they can get the vehicle back and they would be summonsed to court for driving without insurance and face a criminal conviction.

Mandy asks…

Insuring a car using a provisional license holder, what difference does it make to the premium cost?

And also, what if i add a 2nd driver, who has recently got his full UK license and is 19 yrs old?

Administrator answers:

It will shoot up as soon as you add both drivers.

This is because they are both seen as a high risk. When the provisional driver passes his test, you would think that the quote would go down….but no! It actually goes up because they think that the new driver doesn’t have an experienced driver with him.

Their quotes will only come down when they have their own no claims bonus’.

It would help if both drivers completed the Pass Plus course..this should help bring the cost of insurance down.

Try using comparison sites such as

Hope that helps and good luck!

Joseph asks…

british cycling insurance, How long does it take to make a claim?

I have just crashed my 2011 Specialized Tarmac S-works SL3 with a car. The frame is cracked, the wheels are bent, and various other bits of damage. Being a bank holiday I can’t get into contact with the insurance company today but I’m anxious to know how quickly this is likely to be sorted. I have my training bike but desperately need my race bike back for a busy race schedule. Anyone have experience with this?

Administrator answers:


Yes. In my first accident, it was clearly the drivers fault. I told the claims person, that I had no intent to sue as long as my hospital bills were paid promptly AND that I had a check for my replacement bike within one week, that I was training for an upcoming event. I told them if I did not have the new bike in time, I would be very upset, and that I had no doubt that I would take them to task. I presented them with an invoice from my local shop for the new bike (same make and model). I had the check in two days. Even though not a UK claim, I thought it might help!


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