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February 26, 2013

John asks…

Are there Any car rental agencies that will rent to ages below 21 in Alicante, Spain?

I’m ggoing on a week-long trip to spain (Alicante) and is 20 years old, but there seems impossible to rent a car when you’re below 21.

Does someone know about a agency that will rent out a car on these terms?

Administrator answers:

Many rental companies here it is 25 years of age the minimum. There are insurance and security implications due to the high level of fatalities amongst young drivers here in Spain. If you are only 20 you will not be able to hire one, That applies to the UK and most every country, not just Spain.

Steven asks…

How do you feel about immigrants coming to the UK and taking jobs for less?

And also a lot of these foreign cars here without tax discs and no insurance – what do we do about it? The police don’t seem to be doing much.

Administrator answers:

We now have 1.6 Million unemployed! Amongst our ranks.

What have the government done? Opened the floodgates to 10,000′s of eastern europeans – Think they’ve realised they have dropped a bollock though, as they are to limit numbers from the new EU member seeing as they cocked the figures up last time. Also it appears foreign nurses are to be sent packing, as our home produced nurses are struggling to find jobs – IS? Common sence finally prevailing???

And saying that they do job the British won’t do frankly is crap! An explaination of what these jobs are would be appreciated – Is it the job, or the wages that particular job pays – remember the immigrants can afford to take much less for a job – The Polish drivers we have at work send most their money home and only have to work 6 months of the year to maint’ their standard of living in Poland.

Oh and don’t forget the 50,000 claims from these immigrants for child benefit for kids who don’t even live in this country – apparently they are exploiting a loop hole in our benefit rules – wonder which do-gooder organisations pointed that one out to the scroungers!!

Bringing in this source of cheap labour put ALL our jobs/wages at risk – The sooner the bloody unions wake up to this, instead of welcoming them in (new members = more money – new jag for union head) the better!!

Oh and John M – I find the generalisation that the English don’t want to work racist! BTW – The immigrants don’t live over here, they can’t afford the house prices cos’ they get crap wages, so they won’t end up with better houses – well maybe but not here, Poland perhaps.

Ruth asks…

Is a designated driver allowed to drive my fully comprehensively insured car?

As a a fully comprehensive driver of my Toyota can I allow my girlfriend to drive with me as a passenger?

Administrator answers:

No such thing in law or insurance in the UK as a “Designated Driver”
The term is usually used by mates when they go out in a car as a group and designate one as a none drinking driver.
If she is insured in any way to drive your car it will not mean that you have to be in the car for the insurance to be valid.
No insurance in the UK works like that at all – its a not too popular urban myth.
She could be insured in one of 2 ways -
1 . By being a named driver on your insurance policy (still does not need you to be in the car.)
2. IF IF IF she has her own car and insurance and IF IF IF her insurance is comprehensive and IF IF IF it includes the driving other cars not belonging to her clause. IF IF IF it does then she will only be covered third party and only if you have insurance on it too.
Many insurance companies no longer include this and the ones that do usually add and exclusion for younger drivers typically under 23.

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