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March 3, 2013

Richard asks…

How can I reduce my car insurance premiums?

I have 3 years driving experience (2 named, 1 no claims), I will have 2 years no claims bonus in July.

I wish to buy a better can than what I have, something along the lines of a Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6, Renaulsport 2.0 172 or MG ZR 1.8 160.

I have used every website I can think of – listed below:

And all of these are coming out at well over £1,000 – which I well in excess of what I would like to pay. I currenty pay £380 per annum for a 1.4 Fiat Bravo.

Apart from having my mum as a named driver, low mileage and parking in a secure garage at night, are their any other ways to drive my insurance down?

I was thinking of trying the Pay as you Drive from Norwich Union but their website was down when I tried submitting the form.
Sorry, my age is 23.

Administrator answers:

Become an advanced driver.
It can cut your insurance as much as 40% if you get the rospa gold certificate.

Michael asks…

Can a foreign tourist get temporary insurance on a car purchased in the USA?

I want to buy a used Cadillac, or Lincoln and take it back to the UK. I would want to insure it for a month or so, drive it in the US, then take it to the UK.

Administrator answers:

Yes, assuming you have a valid driver’s license from your home country.

Joseph asks…

How do you go about becoming a cab driver in the UK (Not black taxi driving)?

Would I have to take any tests or have certain experience etc.
What steps do I take to get the ball rolling, do I have to send off for a form to apply and can I use my own car or would I have to hire a car for the job if I was to get it. Many thanks for any info you can give.

Administrator answers:

You have to apply for an application form at the hackney Licensing office in your area. Complete the formwhich includes Police check and send off the fee.The amount of fee varies across the country. If you are accepted, you then have to go for tests. One is written and one is oral.
The written test will ask you to find addresses given using an A-Z street map. You have to answer by given the cross reference of the map and the page. The oral test consits of an examiner asking how to get from A-B by the shorest route, and name every street you pass through. You are also asked questions on taxi law, and how would you deal with passengers in different circumstances. If you pass all of this, you will then get you drivers licence badge and the fee is renewable every year and average cost is about £150. After you have your badge, you have to also pay a fee to take a course on how to deal with disabled people. Assisting them, folding wheelchairs etc. The fee is about £15. If you want to use your own car, you have to submit it for a road worthiness test. This is a very strict test as you are carrying the general public. Condition of upholstery is checked, Bodywork, and paint finish. Tyres, brakes, no oil leaks at all, clean engine and you must carry a First Aid kit and a fire Extuiguisher. It is a severe test as I know one driver failed the test because his rear light had an hairline crack in it, another didn’t have a pair of scissors in his first Aid kit.The fee for this test is about £50. Using your own car also involves you having to have Insurance that covers you to work for hire and reward and again this is expensive, because you are on the road so much. Average cost for this is about £800/1000. After the car is tested, and if it passes, you have to pay for the car licencce plate which again is about £200 a year. You can never carry more than 4 passengers as if you do, your insurance is invalid. You also have to pay to have a taxi meter fitted which is another £300 on average.

Mary asks…

Who offers the cheapest car insurance in the Uk?

Ok im 22 years old and have have been driving for 4 years. Only one crash 3 years ago. Just got my renewal notice through the post. It has gone from £56 to £81. That is a alot for me. Whats the point in a NO CLAIMS BONUS?

Administrator answers:

Bell are pretty good. They specialise in younger drivers. You might also try some of the price comparison sites – cliche perhaps, but they really do work. I used one last time I renewed and saved nearly £400.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Betty asks…

Is there alegal way to rent a car with under 1year driver’s age in UK?

Is there any legal way to hire or rent a car with under 1year driver‘s age? I learned the companies cannot do it but can a private uk car owner privately lend mea car and that I can drive it under insurance?

Administrator answers:

These companies have the run of 3 to 5 years driving licencing holding and being over 21 or 25 because of their insurances being too expensive otherwise…you could lend the car off someone privately if you was willing to pay to be put on their insurance because obviously this would knock their insurance up

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