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March 11, 2013

Carol asks…

Does anyone know the best car insurance companies for young people, in the UK?

When I state “best” I mean “cheapest” for a young person. I’m twenty-one in a few months and looking to drive soon but insurance is steep, I found some good companies but just curious to know if there’s a specific good one. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Don’t know specifically about the UK, but there is no such thing as “cheapest” insurance company for any category of car driver. Insurance cost depends not only on the company but on your driving record, where you live, where you drive, the car you drive, how many miles you drive, and whether you have other insurance (e.g. Homeowner’s) with the same company. A “cheapest” insurance company for one person may not be the cheapest for another.

Joseph asks…

What automatic cars are good as a first car for a young woman.?

I always wanted a ford KA, however I have learn’t to drive in a automatic and am now looking for a first car but there are no ford KA’s that are automatic sadly enough :( I live in the UK and want a descent car as cheap as possible with descent amount of miles. Any websites or even just a brand of car to look up would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

A Nissan Micra automatic is ideal for a new driver. They are so nice to drive and repairs are not to expensive, service costs also low as is insurance.
I used to use one for going to and from work and I luv’d it. It was very comfortable and never let me down in over 3 years. 35000 (ish) miles. I wish i had kept it.
Try and buy from a nissan dealer, you may pay a little more than at the local sell all makes garage but you will get a good w’tee with it. If you can get a ex Motability car thats great as they will have a Full Service History. If you go for a Renault Clio be careful as they cost fortune to maintain.
I hope you enjoy your 1st car and that you give it a nice name, Our family car is called the Moan-Bus

Donald asks…

In the UK should drunks and drug addicts be made to pay for NHS treatment?

People who smoke already pay a huge tax on their habit.
Should the same be applied to hill wakers and potholers who need to be rescued at huge expense to the UK taxpayers.
As for voluntary bodies I admire them,but have you all thought of the cost just to start a Sea King helicopter and all the equipment that goes with it.
I am suggesting that as with car drivers insurance should be compulsary to cover such events,helicopter start and run £500 just to start.

Administrator answers:

Where would you draw the line?

How do you encourage/enforce people to take responsiiliy for their own actions

car drivers are penalised if they are involvd in an accident and taken to hospital. .their insurace company gets a bill whether the driver was liable or not.

Should you demand that say victims of doemstic violence should pay for their treatment (after the first time, becuase they choose to live in a dangerous environment)

should people taking up sports be expected to take out insurance to cover such eventualities

hill walkers and potholers are often “rescued” by volunteer bodies such as local mountain rescue organisations which are not funded by government. Admittedly fire, ambulance and police are funded by government but ‘all’ you are paying there is the actaul operational cost (ie fuel used, maintenance on the helicopter and so on), rather than the purchase of equipment which exists as part fo the normal fit out of the emergency services.

The MoD used to argue that the helipcopter SAR service treated the doemstic rescue service as trainign for the SAR’s real military role

Laura asks…

Am i allowed to drive a car using a full UK motorcycle license?

Providing that the insured owner of the car is present with me in the car.

Administrator answers:

No,your bike licence will only act as a provisional for a car,and you must be accompanied by a fully qualified car driver, and have insurance to drive the car and display L plates.Hope this helps

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