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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

March 22, 2013

Laura asks…

What is the penalty for driving my mom’s car with only her on the insurance in UK?

If I start driving her car, which is insured as her being the only driver, without adding me to the insurance, will the police fine me or just the insurance company won’t cover me in case of an accident?
The same question applies if she borrows the car to somebody who has no car, for a few hours or a day?

Administrator answers:

You will be stopped by the police & the car will be impounded until your mother can drive it & the insurance will not be valid – don’t do it!!

William asks…

If I crashed a hire car in another country do I have to declare to my own car insurance company in my home co?

I was at home in another country visiting family, My father hired me a hire car and I was the additional driver, I had a small bump into the back of another car and now the occupents are claiming againts me. Do I have to declare this to my own car insurance company back in the UK. the claim is gaints the car insurance I paid for at the time of hiring the car, it is not related to my own personal car insurance.

Administrator answers:

Yes. You need to answer the insurers questions exactly as they are worded. Their questions are very clear and concise. Usually, they will ask, ‘have you had any accident or loss in the last X years?’. At no point in that question does it say just in this country so they want to know about ALL accidents.

Contrary to what other people have said, insurers CAN find out about accidents and convictions in other countries and they do invalidate policies if you have a claim and have not declared them.

Michael asks…

Canadian wanting to buy and register and insure a car in the UK to travel Europe?

Registering a car in the EU as a Canadian tourist?
Please give me advice on how this works. The plan is to by a car in the UK, register it to a friends grandparents who are locals, and drive around europe for the summer.

How do you apply for insurance as a canadian resident, with a canadian or international drivers license?

How do you register a car?

What countries will insurance cover you to visit?

Is it possible to scrap the car in a country down south-east, such as hungary, austria, croatia, and end the journey/insurance ect there?

what will the costs associated likely range between for 2 months (not including initial cost of the car)

I will not have a visa as Canadians only need a visa for Russia and Belarus. But i do have a friends address i can use
also, is there a way to go about paying for only short term insurance (rather than a year and later getting a refund). Pretty much 4 toursits would like to do a road trip, and dont want the constraints/costs of a rental car. Cars in the UK seem very cheap (ie we could get something reliable for under 1500).

Is there a certain insurance company that often deals with out of town policies ect?

Also, how does ownership and registration work? when you buy a car, does it come with everything except for insurance? for best answer pleaseplease list the steps to go about buying, registering and insuring a car to drive in the EU as a Canadian.

Administrator answers:

Point 1 – I am assuming that you have a visa of some sort to travel here? If I’m right in saying that then register the car with the address you’ve used for your visa. Avoid putting your Canadian address on the car title (we call this a log book, or V5 over here).

Point 2 – You can apply for insurance though comparison websites, which look up insurance from different companies. to use the uk version and then search for car insurance. Make sure you don;t count any no claims bonus, unless you earned this in the UK (no claims bonus = discount for not having made an insurance claim). Also, make sure you tick that you do not have a UK license. Warning: it is going to be very expensive (wouldn’t be surprised if it was over £2000)

Point 3 – Insurance should cover you to drive in any EU country without having to give an itinerary of your trip to your insurer. Check the number of days you get included (I think they have to give you 56 by law but I can’t remember where this came from so could be wrong).

Point 4 – Scraping it can depend on the countries laws. It could well be that you will need to officially import the car before it can be scrapped/sold there (even if you end up in an EU country). This means paying tax on it and registering it to an address in that country. Of course, if you find a backstreet dealer who pays cash, just send your UK registration back to the DVLA (driver & vehicle licensing centre) telling them it was scrapped. You’ll also need to get a refund on your remaining 10 months of insurance.

Chris asks…

Estimate of car insurance for fiat 500c first time driver?

My first car is going to be a fiat 500c thats about 3 years old. I am 18 years old in the UK whats an estimate of price for the insurance for the year?

Administrator answers:

You need to get a proper insurance quote or quotes before you agree to buy any car. Insurance depends on
The cars age, mileage, value, insurance group,claims history of any drivers, occupation, licence details of drivers and many other parameters. But you can get some quotes from here.

Charles asks…

If I were to move into an apartment while still in college would I still be on my parent’s insurance?

I want to move into an apartment to get out of my parent’s house and still attend college. The apartment wouldn’t be that close to the campus for it to be considered off-campus housing of the school. If I were to do this would I still have my parent’s insurance while I remain in school or would it be dropped?

Administrator answers:

Which insurance?

Car insurance – if you’re a named driver on the policy and you take the car to college for long stretches you could invalidate your cover.

Home insurance – most good home coverage policies extend to college apartments for theft/damage etc. You have to check though.

Health insurance – no reason why it would not be still covering you. Best people to ask are you insurance company, not us! ;)

Whether they do cover you, don’t think that means they will pay out. Plenty of companies say they cover something but then manage to wriggle out. Look up your insurer on review boards to see if they are reputable before taking the plunge. I use — sorry, don’t know a good US equivalent.

Shouldn’t be too hard to find though, just type “company name insurance reviews” in to a search engine.

Mark asks…

Pizza delivery driver insurance in own car, where can I get insurance uk?

I have been offered a job as a pizza delIvery driver but I need to insure my car with business insurance I have tried everywhere but know one does it please Help x

Administrator answers:

Instead of trying to find insurance yourself, you need to contact a local insurance agent/broker to place it for you.

Be warned, it costs a WAY lot more than personal insurance.

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