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April 7, 2013

Sharon asks…

What documents do I need to obtain (or transfer into my name) to buy and drive an automobile in the USA?

I Live in the UK but I have just bought an automobile from Dallas that I intend to drive around the USA. It has no warranty. What documents do I legally need to have to own and drive the vechile? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You have to have the minimum accident insurance for that state. You have to have proof that you paid for the insurance. You have to have a vehicle tag from that state. I don,t know what the license requirement is for an out of country drivers license. You have to have the car title, showing you purchased the vehicle. You may not have to keep the title in the car.

George asks…

Is it ok for the registered owner of a car to be a named driver on someone elses insurance?

If i am the registered owner of a car but i dont have my own insurance policy, can i be a named driver on someone elses insurance policy, and still drive it legally? Or does the registered owner need their own policy?
This is for the UK by the way.

Administrator answers:

Yes…UK? I don’t US as long as you tell the insurance people the truth they mostly dont care…

Daniel asks…

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

Im 17 and just got my full uk driving licence and got a car it’s a Subaru 2.0r sport but insurance is 7-8k for my own policy but 3500 if I am a second driver but is that Ilegal

Administrator answers:

Perfectly legal
insurers are not forced to write insurance for anybody
how they come up with the premium calculation is a black art but you can do various things to reduce the premium
ring round, put your proposal in front of as many insurers as possible
reduce the risk int he insurers eyes, that may mean
…parking in a locked garage or off road
…adding additonal security measures (although in my experience that usually gets discounts from the most expensive insurers)
…agrreing / negotiating limits on the policy (ie increased excess, mileage limitations, monitoring electronics and so on
but the biggest factors affectign premium are
driver age / experience… If you are young and have little or no experience and little or no no claims discount expect to pay a lot
car type, all cars are graded by insurers based on the expected cost of repair and the claims experience they have with that car. Some cars from the same model range can be considerably higher premiums. The fact its a 2ltr ‘sport’ model may explain the high premiums. 2 ltr.. It suggest higher perfomrance, the sport model tag wont help.

Ive heard insurers carging several thousand for an old Corsa/Mini/Polo/Fiesta so your premium doens’t soiund unreasonable.

Bear in mind if you insure as a named second driver that means you are not the usual driver of that vehicle and that the majority of the mileage will be done by the other party. If you are in reality the main driver and you are in an accident and the insurers finds out its ‘your’ car then they may voidf the insurance.

Sandy asks…

What is the maximum engine size for a new driver in the UK?

What’s the maximum engine size for a 17 year old new car driver? I heard it’s 1.6 but I’m not sure. Also how do you know if the car is automatic?

Administrator answers:

I live in Northern Ireland and there is no maximum engine size for a beginner driver.

The problem you will find is getting insurance. The more powerful the car, the more expensive it will be to insure. If it is too powerful, then some insurance companies will not insure you at all.

Basically its better to go for something not too powerful until you get a few years no claims history and your premiums start to go down. It is not just size of the engine that matters but the insurance group. If you check out Top Gear survey or magazine it should tell you which insurance class the car is in. For example an Ariel Atom has a 2 litre engine and it is in insurance category 20 which is the highest.

Most cars sold in the Uk are manual. If you are looking at car advertisements they will normally state if they are automatic. They will not say they are manual because that is what most people drive.

Paul asks…

What company in UK will insure me (with US licence) to drive my parents car for 2 weeks when I visit?

I am coming to UK to visit for 2 weeks. I would like to drive my parents car while I am there but I have a US drivers licence. In the past the insruance companies have turned me down. Do you know how to get insurance with a foreign licence?

Administrator answers:

Not a chance I’m afraid. They will not do it as you are non-resident and have a non-UK licence.

EDIT – and do not own the car

If you cannot get added to the wrinklies cover you cannot get it.

Ruth asks…

what is the ceapest car model to get insured on for a young male driver in uk?

i am 21 years old and have not been insured on a car since i passed my test. i want to buy a car now that will allow a cheap insurance policy. i have read on multiple websites that old vw beetles are very cheap to get insured on at around 1400 – 2000 pounds. is this true and are there any other rare models or types of car that allow this sort of price range for my situation, i have also heard of people getting very cheap quotes for kit cars?

Administrator answers:

How is it so bad for everyone? Try Admiral with someone with a good driving record as named driver. I’m 21 had 2 accidents in the last 3 years and I’m insured on a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta for only £700

John asks…

What is the average purchase price of a new vehicle in the UK?

In the US, a brand new small to mid-size four door sedan will cost at least $20,000USD. Then there are all types of fees, destination charges, etc. tacked onto this price. What is the average cost for a similar car in the UK? What are the licensing and insurance requirements? How much are sales taxes on vehicles in the UK? What is the most common car driven in the UK? What are some other things I should know before making an auto purchase in the UK?

Administrator answers:

All depends on make and model,a kia will set you back between £10k to£15k,a bwm much more,do some research first on make and model then it’ll be easier to help you out,

as whats the berst car to get,one tip i always recommend is look at the taxi ranks,what car is most popular amongst taxi driver?we dont buy crap that wont do the job,skodas octavias are at the moment the best value they are basically volkswagen passats in a new skin approx £15k then another approx £200 on road tax and your insurance is something you’d need to find out yourself

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