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April 9, 2013

John asks…

Is there an insurance company who will insure a Dutch car?

I have just moved back to England after spending 11 years in Holland and i have a very nice car which i dont want to sell. I have changed my Dutch driving license to english and would like to know if there is an insurance company who will insure my dutch registered car. If so i can then make an appointment to have the headlights changed.

Thanks for your time.

Administrator answers:

I’m sure they probably all will – phone and ask. It may be worth getting your car re-registered in the UK (in fact, you may have to by law – I used to have a car with US plates and had to change them within a year to UK ones). Don’t wait to do your lights, do them now or you could find yourself with points and a fine.

“EU vehicles brought into the UK can be used for six months in any 12-month period. You do not need to register the vehicle in the UK as long as you can show that the vehicle complies with the registration and tax requirements of its home country. It’s the responsibility of the driver to prove how long the vehicle has been in the country. Producing ferry tickets can do this.

If the keeper of the vehicle becomes resident in the UK, the vehicle must be immediately registered and taxed in the UK.

UK residents are not allowed to use a foreign registered vehicle on UK roads. The exception is when a UK resident:
is employed or self-employed in another EU member state
uses a EU registered company car temporarily in the UK for business purposes
Certain vehicles will be required to display a temporary ‘Q’ plate. Temporary visitor status isn’t appropriate to these vehicles.”

Ken asks…

Cheapest cars to insure for a 17 year old?

I think they’re group 1 or something, because insurance is a ripoff, so a car thats cheap to insure and runs would be great? Any recommendations and can someone explain this whole insurance group malarky to me please?
I will most likely be a Named driver too and my mother will be the Main, if this makes any difference, thanks.
No fraud intended, mother will be using the car more than me for work and shopping.

Administrator answers:

Insurance groups start at 1 and go up to 50 with 50 being the most expensive so the lower the group the lower the insurance.

If you have Mum as the fraudulent main driver when you really are then you both become criminals. See this recent BBC news report for confirmation of your intent to risk jail for you and your Mum to save a few quid –

Assuming you are male your insurance will be an absolute minimum of £2000 a year, £2500 is not uncommon and £3000 plus likely. Unfortunately car ownership for many teens is once again, just as it was a while ago, out of financial reach unless Mum and/or Dad are willing to shell out thousands of the queens little helpers which fewer and fewer can afford now.

Here is another BBC news report on the realities of teen car insurance prices

Laura asks…

What would be a good muscle car for any teenager to start off with?

I know I’m being a but unrealistic here, but if I could, what could be a good muscle car to start off with? It can be from any region, has to be reasonable to insure, to buy, to maintain day-to-day and it must put a big smile on my face. =D

I live in the UK if anyone is wondering, Scotland to be precise.

Administrator answers:

Muscle car + teenager reasonable to insure. Seriously. Yes, it’s unrealistic. Insurance companies aren’t stupid; they know what happens when an inexperienced driver, especially males, get their hands on a powerful car.

Michael asks…

Can a british citizen with a british passport buy a car in Canada?

We are looking to travel Canada for three months and want to buy a little old car to do it instead of paying thousands on rental vehicles. Is it possible for a british citizen with a UK driving licence to buy and insure a car in Canada?

Administrator answers:

You have to pay for insurance, and you cannot drive without insurance and you will need either an international license or to apply for or sit the test for a canadian license.

Also licenes are issued by the province, so I dont know if the insurance company will cover you (as a new driver) in other provinces – especally if you are involved in an accident. You will have to contact the insurance company and ask about that.

If you do apply for a canadian license, then you MUST submit an official copy of your driving record, from your insurance company that says how long you have been driving – preferably since the DL was originally issued.

The current licenses only list the date of renewal, not originally issued.

Please remember that Canada drives on the right and it does take a few years to totally get used to it. You are more likely to have an accident – especially if you drive when you are tired.

I know this from experience. I moved from NZ (drives on the left) to Canada (on the right) and it took me 2 or 3 years to become totally comfortable with driving on the wrong side.

Lisa asks…

What do I need for driving in the UK for a few days?

I’m from Malta (an EU country), 20 years old and have had a Maltese driver‘s license for about 1.5 years.

In Malta, it’s quite common for people to buy second hand cars from the UK and then transport them to Malta. I am considering buying a small car (like the Ford Fiesta), and driving it from the UK to Italy, where me and the car will be able to board a ship to Malta.

My question is, what legal requirements are there for this drive? Things like licensing, insurance, registration and so on?

Administrator answers:

Contact an importer/exporter to get the best info

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