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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

April 16, 2013

Betty asks…

Can you insure a car with a 2300cc engine on a provisional licence, in the UK?

I have ordered a provisional licence, and I’ve heard that when the engine gets too big you can’t insure it as a provisional driver. Is this true? Im 17 already. Thanks
This is my parents car( Volvo 740 estate) hasn’t been modded or anything. I’m not looking to buy a car, id just rather learn with my parents to drive a car than pay a driving instructor to do it.

Administrator answers:

Aim for a 1000CC car or below, you will find it is impossible to get insurance above that.

Also unmodified cars, can lower your insurance. They will take some of the following things into account:

Engine size – the thing that puts it up the most
Your address
criminal record
Type of car (e.g. Vauxual corsa is probably less than ford fiesta)

Daniel asks…

Where can I find cheap car insurance in UK?

I have had my licence for over 10 years and am in my thirties, I have constantly driven throughout this time, as a named driver for the last few years. I have never had a conviction, made a claim or had an accident yet insurers are quoting me stupid quotes due to lack of no claims.

Administrator answers:

I would use a search engine and look up different insurance companys and get some quotes that is the easiest way to get insurance.

John asks…

Do you know any car rental company in UK where a provisional driver can drive with a proper license holder?

I want to practise driving in UK in a rented car and I have a friend with a clean UK driving license for more than 5 years who is happy to help me to rent a car. But, when I asked the car rental companies, they told me that as a provisional license holder, I am not covered by their insurance and hence cant drive their car.

Administrator answers:

There aren’t any.

Steven asks…

How many driving lessons do new learners need, on average?

I know absolutely nothing about cars, nothing! I really want to learn how to drive, but I’m worried about the expense. How many lessons does an average person need?

Any tips or experiences? Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

My instructor was a Instructor Teacher so he was pretty good.

He said around 40 hours is what’s needed to be a competent driver, to have confidence and the right skills to drive in any situation. He always did 2 hour lessons as one hour is never enough. Needless to say he had 12 first time passes in a row, I was thirteen and my sister was fourteenth. 40 hours may be a lot of time and money to spend on lessons, you may only need about 20-30 to pass the test (its pretty easy) but to have confidence and proper skill i’d recommend putting some extra time in. You could always try the pass plus scheme which also entitled you to discounts off your insurance.

If you find yourself with an instructor you don’t like, don’t stay with them! You’re paying a lot of money for these lessons and if you don’t like the instructor take your money elsewhere!

A car of your own with some L plates makes practising easier, but you’ll have to have a brave passenger in the car!

Most lessons cost about £18-£20 an hour, any more and walk away. Look to spend about £150 minimum, not including the test price. Remember, this over some months, so you dont have to have all the money at once!

Good luck and have confidence on the road!


Women make good drivers too!

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