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April 17, 2013

John asks…

Can anyone with UK full driving licence give lessons with my car?

As I’ve had my full Uk Driving Licence for two years now, I can’t give driving lessons to anyone by law.
My cousin with a UK provisional licence is the second driver on my car insurance. I was wondering if anyone over 21 years old with a UK full driving licence for over 3 years,
without being insured on my car could give my cousin driving lessons.

Thank you for your time in advance!

Administrator answers:

They can supervise a learner driver – but if they are not insured on that car they must not drive it. So if your cousin gets stuck, or can’t cope, they cannot take over, even in a emergency.

Ken asks…

Best car for a teenager in the uk to get?

I’m nearly 18 and am having driving lessons so I need to find a car. I have looked at a lot of popular cars that young people go for (corsas, ka’s etc) but I don’t want an old car. Ideally I’d like a slightly newer car with cheap insurance and tax, as well as being very economical. Would appreciate it if you could give me a list of some cars that cost less than £2000 and that will have cheap insurance, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Cheap insurance is £4000 for a new driver and that is on the older Corsa ans Ka’s you don’t like. Anything newer will be considerably more so your better off staying with the ones others have to keep costs lower.

Maria asks…

Can i be insured as an additional driver with a different company to the main driver?

Basically, my mum is setting up insurance for herself with admiral. I am 18 and we want to insure me on the car. We have set up a deal with admiral whereby i get insurance as an additional driver for 17 weeks. When these 17 weeks are up, is it possible for me to be insured as an additional driver with another company (direct line for instance) while she remains on admiral? Basically, after those glorious 17 weeks, how can i carry on driving with a good deal?
I have passed my test and have a full UK licence by the way

Administrator answers:

You cannot take out a seperate policy to do that unless you are still a learner driver on a provisional licence where somewhere like this will help

Jenny asks…

should your driver license and car insurance name be the same?

Hi All,
i hold a provisional driving licence on my name given from birth. I recently got married and changed my surname. I haven’t updated my provisional-license yet because I will be taking my practical test next month. I’m buying my first small car this weekend so I can practice a bit more for my test and its going to be registered on my new married surname. Now can I have my insurance in my married surname as well while my provitional license has my old surname?

Is there a rule in the Uk that the driving license and the car insurance or the car should be the same name? Its only going to be till I pass my test. I have filled in the counterpart paper with my new surname and change of address. What do you think I should do? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Carry your marriage certificate with you – because if there is a problem that proves that the two names belong to the same person.

It is a legal requirement to notify DVLA of a change of name or address – if it is going to cause a problem over taking a test, ring them and explain, so that they have it on record why there has been a delay.

Donald asks…

Best car insurance for my children while they’re at university?

My two children (aged 20 and 18) have gone to university this year. They’ve left their car (VW Polo) at home. What is the best way to insure this car now? It’s only getting used when they pop home, and a bit more over Christmas and Easter, probably summer too. However I can’t find any insurance that will take this into account. I’ve got my own car, so theirs is just sitting there for 8 or 9 months out of the year.

Does anybody know of any insurance providers that will insure a car while taking this into account?

Administrator answers:

They will all assume that one of them will take it to the UNI so no chance.
Remember this – it has to be insured if it is taxed
It cannot be their car it has to be registered to one of them
Insuring it as a fraudulent main driver yourself is a criminal offence – car insurance fronting report – continuous car insurance while taxed

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