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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

April 28, 2013

Susan asks…

Im learning to drive and wanted to no if i needed insurance to drive somebody elses car?

My grandad has offered to help me learn and i wondered if i could drive the car under his insurance or do i need my own? Im 18 and in the uk x

Administrator answers:

A permit is an INSTRUCTIONAL tool & while practice driving, you are required to be supervised at all times. So the qualified licensed driver that is sitting in the front seat with you will need to provide you a legally registered & insured vehicle under their name for you to drive.

Once you obtain your license, you will then be required to either have your own insurance (very expensive) or be added to your parents or legal guardians policy as an additional driver (their premiums will go up, but not as much as it would be for your own policy).

Sandra asks…

What type of driving course reduces insurance?

What type of driving course from the driving school reduces insurance for new drivers?

Administrator answers:

Not aware of any, as Insurance premium depends on a couple of things (For UK)

- Age of driver
- Place living in
- Make model and age of car.
- Since you are a new driver (I oresume you dont have any past motor insurance, or have been an additional on anyone elses polocy)

Steven asks…

What car is good for a first time driver?

ONLY UK citizens please.
Running costs,insurance,tax,MOT and fuel and also I want a small car nothing big thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you under 21 then google ‘group 1 insurance’ and you will find a list of cars.

Paul asks…

I was an uninsured driver involved in a vehicle accident and the other driver is suing me for vehicle damages?

The driver was speeding and hit me as I was changing lanes. Fault was not indicated on the police report. It was more of a “he claims, she claims” statement. I am wondering how the plaintiff would benefit by not having their insurance company (no fault state) deal with it and come after me if they felt I were at least 50% at fault. Furthermore, it wasn’t even my vehicle, but I was cited for no insurance. No other tickets were issued.

Administrator answers:

I am talking from an UK point of view but this is the only instance that I know of that I can drive into the back of you and it is your fault because you are NOT allowed to be there.
This is beyond what the police declares. In court they don’t even need a lawyer, their only statement needs to be “He didn’t hold current insurance at the time”. The judge will then ask you if that is a fact and when you say “yes” that is the moment that you lose. You pay all the damages plus whatever the fine for having no car insurance.
That’s it, case finished, next.
In the land of the free? I bet there’s no much difference.

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