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May 7, 2013

Ken asks…

How can someone from UK legally drive in the US when on visit or visa?

My boyfriend from UK visits frequently and is looking to get a visa to live here in the US eventually. He has driven here and has no problem with it…only we’re scared of the one time he might get caught! lol. How can he become a valid driver here in the US?

Administrator answers:

If he is just visiting he should have no problem using his UK license. If he moves here he just takes the test like other people. Each state probably has an amount of time he can drive on his UK license before he HAS to have a US one. My mum moved from UK and had an international drivers license but it made no difference in AZ, she had to retake the drivers test to get a license. Best to check with the DMV in your state before bothering with that. Oh and if he is driving your car check with your insurance as a friend visiting is he covered?

Michael asks…

Insurance: Possible to change title by deed poll to make insurance prices cheaper?

Insurance: Possible to change title by deed poll to make insurance prices cheaper?

Im currently Mr X but if i changed my title by deed poll (UK) i would be Miss X and this makes my insurance more than 50% cheeper for my car? Think its possible and/or worth it?

Administrator answers:

Not possible. The prefix is outdated really now anyway. You would be making a false statement by saying you are female.

Tough luck that we ARE the better drivers!!!!

John asks…

Is there a camera or device for the police to know if a driver has a full driver’s licence?

I’m just curious because I know someone who hasn’t got a licence and been driving for quite a while and never get caught. What if they don’t get stop? How does the authorities know if a person driving a car has a a full licence in the UK?

Administrator answers:

No the police Anpr cameras only check the vehicle data base for Mot , insurance or if the vehicle is flagged ie been stopped check before for carrying drugs or been used for another crime before they don’t do a driving licence check unless they do a personal check via radio on the drivers information.

I have a customer who drives a manual car who only has a automatic licence i have advised him that he cant but he just laughs and says i have been driving a manual for 5 plus years and haven’t been stopped but one day he will or when he is involved in a accident he will get found out. He will be Arrested for driving otherwise in accordance with a licence, His insurance will be invalidated due to this.

Mary asks…

Does comprehensive car insurance in UK cover any driver of the car? It does in Australia, not sure about UK?

In Australia, if you take comprehensive insurance anyone can drive your car and be covered (must inform of lowest age etc). I just got stopped driving a friends car (who has comprehensive insurance) in London. The police seized the car, saying I was not insured to drive the car. Can this be right?

Administrator answers:

Must be insured for any driver on policy

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