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May 9, 2013

Thomas asks…

Can my friend drive my car with a UK license?

My friend is visiting me (in Phoenix, AZ) in a few days from the UK (Scotland). I’m pretty clear that he can drive here with his license, however, can he drive my car? I mean, insurance and all. Of course I’ll have to check with my insurance company for specifics, but can anyone give me a general answer?

Administrator answers:

With your permission, yes he can. As a tourist his license remains valid while visiting. Some insurance policies will restrict permission drivers under a certain age, so check that if he’s under age 25.

Sandy asks…

Can i drive my dads car in Continental Europe without being a named driver legally?

We are travelling from London to Italy. And the car is already insured with European cover

Administrator answers:

Absolutely not.

You must be named as a driver on the car’s insurance certificate. Continental police have powers that are different from UK ones. You may find that you spend a few weeks in a police jail if you are stopped. This could even be a random spot check or a border check, you don’t have to be driving badly to be stopped.
If you had an accident then you would not only be in deep legal trouble you would also not be covered by insurance and would have to pay the full costs of the incident. Don’t underestimate the cost of that, or the cost of repatriating the car. If there is any injury it could run to £hundreds of thousands. Your dad could lose his house.

A short phone call to the insurance company, and bite bullet to pay the additional premium, will be good value.

John asks…

How do I arrange contracts with insurance companies for my windscreen repair business?

I am starting my own windscreen repair business and wondered if anyone could tell me how I go about making arrangements to invoice insurance companies for the repairs on their customers’ windscreens, without it affecting any no claims bonus or having to pay an excess. I know other companies do this, I just need to find out how to contact the insurance companies and work out any arrangements with them for my company.

Administrator answers:

This is tricky – until you have a ‘rep’ in the market, insurance companies will probably not want to deal direct with you (too great a risk (to them) of fraudulent invoices – especially as windscreen repairs are a nil-excess item – I am sure you are aware that the £40 – £60 excess for windscreen repairs was imposed due to large numbers of drivers having their car repaired and then persuading the garage to issue an invoice for windscreen repair. And, of course, this is why many insurers have limits on their policy if you don’t go through Autoglass/ National Windscreens etc).

If I were setting up a winscreen repair service, I would just try contacting insurance companies – contact details can be found at or on their own web-sites and ask for the claims department – hopefully someone there will be able to point you to the correct person to discuss your ideas. I suggest you prepare a brochure about the company, what you do/ intend to do, your business plan and also have references and find out where to submit them.

Mary asks…

I have recently migrated to UK. Kindly let me know what is the procedure to follow in case of car accident?

What details are required from the other driver? When to call and involve the police? What information should be exchanged to cover oneself legally?

Administrator answers:

Okay, let’s get this right for you. If you are involved in a collision which causes damage or injury to any other person, vehicle, animal or property, you MUST

1] Stop

2] Give your own and the vehicle owner’s name and address, and the registration number of the vehicle, to anyone having reasonable grounds for requiring them.

(If you cannot give your name and address at the time of the collision, you must report it to the police as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any case within 24 hours.)
[Law RTA 1988 sect 170]

If another person is injured and you do not produce your insurance certificate at the time of the crash to a police officer or to anyone having reasonable grounds to request it, you MUST

1] Report it to the police as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours

2] Produce your insurance certificate for the police within seven days.

That’s the law.

In practice, you stop, exchange details with the other driver, including your insurance details, and go on your way, reporting the accident to your insurers as soon as possible (unless you agree between you not to involve the insurers). You will have of course called any ambulance and police needed if anyone is hurt. The police do not need to be involved unless there is an injury or if one of you wants to make allegations about the other person’s driving. Or if the road’s obstructed

If the police do attend, both of you will be breathalysed as a matter of course and they will make sure you exchange the relevant details. Plus consider if either of you should be charged with any offence.

I’d recommend that you obtain a copy of the Highway Code, you’ll find that helpful to understand our laws & rules.

Jenny asks…

Are there really cameras everywhere on every street in UK?

Or is that not true at all?

I’ve seen UK shows and when I watch a crime drama, I’m always wondering why can’t they look at the security tapes. Since they have it everywhere criminals should be easier to catch.
@Stephanie. Same here. I Love Sherlock. Can’t wait till next year when more episodes come out.
Benedict Cumberbatch is Sexy.

Administrator answers:

The last government of control addicts sprayed the UK with CCTV, more than any other country. It’s impossible to drive a car between towns/cities without the number plate going past an automatic number plate recognition camera. If you’re stabbed for your phone in a city centre, the tapes would be looked at to see if they can find who killed you. That’s why such people wear hoodies. Many police cars automatically scan car number plates and check instantly who the driver should be, if they have convictions, MOT, road tax or insurance. Tony B.Liar used George Orwell’s 1984 as his guide to running the UK. Many householders have their own CCTV, do you remember the woman who threw a cat in a bin?

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