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May 22, 2013

Mark asks…

What is the cheapest way to get insurance with a friends car?

I’m already practising my driving lessons and theory. Once I pass what’s the best and cheap way to be insured.

Administrator answers:

Hey L.C! There are many ways to get car insurance with a friend’s car. There is car insurance plan where you can go for one day car insurance ( where you have insurance for single day or for whole month, you can also have schemes like pay as you go car insurance where you pay only when you drive your car or your friend’s car, there is another insurance plan where you have the short term car insurance, young driver temporary car insurance ( where you get a lot of benefits for young driver. This plan offers you very cheap car insurance and have lot of benefits too. And it’s very easy to apply online and quotes can be compared with other company.

William asks…

Do Londoners have to pay a toll to drive in the City of London?

I’ve heard that London Mayor Ken Livingstone made drivers pay a toll to drive in the downtown areas of your city. Is that true?

New York City’s mayor Mike Bloomberg wants to make us pay a toll to drive in the downtown part of our city, and he used your city as an example of why that’s a good idea. Is he right? Should we have to pay a toll to drive in the congested parts of our city?

Administrator answers:

Ken Livingstone (a Socialist) introduced the Congestion Charge.

He “claimed” it was to encourage people to use public transport and so reduce traffic congestion and pollution in central London.
In reality, most people think it is a way of raising revenue and taxing motorists.

Most people who live in London don’t drive. They either walk or use the underground. Therefore – people that drive in the centre tend to be visitors, businessmen and outsiders. By taxing these people he is actually raising lots of money from those who have no vote and therefore cannot vote against him.

When the tax was first introduced it did result in a small reduction in traffic, but over the following 2 years traffic and pollution levels have climbed back to where they were before the charge.

The reality, like NY, central London is so congested, that NO-ONE would drive through unless they had no option.

Drivers in the UK are treated appallingly. Petrol is £5 a gallon (about $8) the majority of which is tax. We pay an annual “road tax” of about $350 just to drive our cars. Insurance premiums are taxed. Now, Socialists like Livingstone are taxing us more (about $14 per day) to drive on roads that our taxes have already paid to be built in the first place.

What’s more… Since introducing the Congestion Charge – it has increased in value twice and Livingstone is now extending the area west into Kensington & Chelsea – thus doubling the number of people who will have to pay.

Road taxing has nothing whatsoever to do with congestion. It is just another means for greedy politicians to get their hands on your money and pursue their malicious Socialist high-tax political agendas.

Richard asks…

Cheap car insurance companies for a 18 yo girl, in the UK?

I have been driving for over a year now, and need to renew my car insurance.
Do anyone know of any cheap company’s?
I am finding it very difficult!
I even have 1 years no claim.

Please help me!!


Administrator answers:

Sorry but there is no cheaper insurance till you get to around 25, you can take an advanced drivers test for around £200 which will save you around 15 – 20%, but that’s it.

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