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May 23, 2013

George asks…

Why at 22 years old is a first time drivers insurance so dam high?

Yeah so the title says it all.

Has anyone got any tips on how to lower insurance down a bit I’m looking at prices from 2k-2.4k at the moment and that’s only on a 1.3 ford fiesta.

Hopefully someone has a few tips on how to get the cheaper insurance ;p

Administrator answers:

The sad fact is that a huge number of young drivers do not realise a car is a killing machine and they drive it as if they are playing a game. A car is a form of transport from one place to another, not a toy. One in 4 new drivers has a bad crash in their first year, and a good proportion of those are caused by idiot driving, at high speeds, overtaking or going round a bend too fast, to impress their mates. No-one is saying you are such a driver but unfortunately the statistics show this is the truth and until young drivers realise this, they are causing every young driver’s premium to go up and up.

Take a pass plus course, buy a low group car (see for car groups – not entirely accurate but it gives you an idea of which cars are cheapest to insure) and use the car only when you have to, as a form of transport to and from places and not just cruising around with your mates – this will keep the mileage down and therefore the premium lower.

There are no “cheapest” companies for young drivers as it depends on the postcode, driving history, occupation and make/model of car.

Laura asks…

Driving a friends car while on a visit to the USA?

I will shortly be visiting some friends in the USA and we have some quite long road trips planned. I was wondering if i would be able to do any of the driving, or would i have to pass a test/obtain an alternate license beforehand? I currently have a full UK driving license and i am 22 years old, if that makes a difference.

Administrator answers:

You are allowed to drive in the US with a foreign drivers license for up to 6 months. You can also get an International Drivers License in the UK from your local automobile club, to use here. However since its main purpose is to translate license’s from one language to another, you wont need it with a UK license. Of course they would have to be for similar types of vehicles. You need special permits if you want to drive a motorcycle, big lorry, school bus, etc. The bigger issue would be insurance. You may or may not be authorized to drive the vehicle depending on your friends insurance, which would matter only if you got in an accident or pulled over by the cops. Have him/her check with their insurer. Also remember if driving cross-country that each state’s have different laws regarding things like use of seat belts, use of cell phones while driving, alcohol, etc., etc, Just remember to stay on the correct side of the road! :)

Lizzie asks…

Does My Car Insurance cover me to drive any car?

I got stopped by the police today for driving a car that I bought a week ago which was not registered on the MID.
Although I have fully comprehensive insurance on my other car is there a way I can get away showing cover on this vehicle(even if it is just 3rd party)
Sadly the police seized my vehicle and now I face 6 points on my license and a 200 pound fine.
Any useful tips to get out of this?
p.s I am In London UK.

Administrator answers:

You will not be covered. Whilst some policies allow you to drive another vehicle on a third party only basis, it has to be a vehicle that is not owned by you and even then, the owner of the vehicle has to have their own insurance on it.

As for tips to get out of it, there aren’t any other than to pay a fine and get some insurance. The law is there for a reason. I am sure if you were driving your other insured car and another uninsured driver crashed in to you, you would not want them to get off with it. Nobody likes paying for insurance, but we all have to, and there are no preclusions for anyone.

Sharon asks…

what do i have to do to comply with licencing my car for using it as a wedding car in the uk?

i have a limo which i want to use as a wedding car to just take bride and groom to church and reception.

Administrator answers:

Go to your local motor vehicle web site and use the keywords “commercial vehicle” or “Taxi”. There you will get an idea which forms you need to fill out in order to have a legal vehicle for the intended purpose and use.

Also, you will have to let your automobile insurance company know how you intend to use the vehicle so you can carry the correct amount of liability insurance.

If you are a self employed driver without employees to pay, then lower your rates just a tad so you get more jobs, and therefore, make more profits. Without employees, your overhead will be lower and you can afford to have competitive pricing.

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