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June 4, 2013

George asks…

does my moped insurance address have to be the same as drivers licence address?

I am moving house next week and am currently changing all my addresses over, but my insurance company charges £25 to change any of ur details and its free to change drivers licence (full uk car) but do these two addresses have to be the same or can i change my drivers licence over now and insurance when ive got the money?


Administrator answers:

You have to tell your insurer whether you like it or not as it is a change to a material fact disclosed by you when you took out the policy – failure to tell them would render the insurance invalid.
You may be moving to an area considered more risky for them and if so you will also have to pay higher premiums to – it could be the same risk or could be a lower risk in which case you get money back
Check the risk at your old and new postcodes here for an indication of that.


The licence – its free and a legal requirement and do not forget to do the V5C (log book) for the moped too as that is also an offence not to.

Helen asks…

How much do you (young drivers only in the UK) pay for your insurance?

How old are you? Are you insured as an additional driver? How much do you pay for your insurance?

Administrator answers:

Average male £3100, female £1800.
Some are getting Mum or Dad to be fraudulent main drivers with them as fraudulent named drivers despite the possible pifalls – see here

Over a year ago on 03/03/2011 I got a fictitious quote from a well known comparison site on the following ….. Mr Smith, 17, passed test 4 weeks ago, full time shop assistant, Vaux Corsa 1.0 litre worth £2000 not modified registered in 2003, parked in a driveway at night, used for social and commute to one workplace and no restrictions on when it could be driven, policy excess £550 total, 10000 miles a year living in a lowest possible car crime risk postcode. A very simple case which should bring close to the best possible and typical price at 17.
Result – from 121 insurers only 31 quoted. Cheapest was £4800 a year or £747 deposit and £524/month for 9 months (highest for same cover – £8004/year)

Michael asks…

if the driver death in a car accident,what pay the insurence?

I have a friend who died in a car accident in London,with a car from a company where worked.He was from Romania and worked legal in London.The age:33 years and have two girls :8years and 2 years old in Romania.He have not driving licence recognized in UK.But drived a service car and died when he return to job.In this case,the wife and childrens from Romania can to have money from insurances?

Administrator answers:

Huh ?

Carol asks…

What does my dad need to teach me how to drive in his car?

does he need to get some sort of special teachers’ insurance or does he just need to include me in his insurance as if i was a second driver?


Administrator answers:

You would need to call your insurance agent and ask. I live in Ohio in the US and we don’t have to add them to the insurance until they get their license.

Charles asks…

What is the time curfew for a young driver in the UK?

I have held my drivers license less than a year and my mum says my insurance has a curfew enforced stating I can’t drive between 10pm and 5am.

I’ve done some research and asked around but what I found said that under 18s can’t drive between 11pm and 6am, not 10 and 5.

I’m wondering which is correct? Because I need to be somewhere tonight and reckon I won’t get back before 10pm, so I need to know if I can drive back. Thanks.
I’ve read though all my insurance policy, booklets, notes etc. but I cannot find anything that says anything about a time curfew for driving. So I’m really not sure?
My insurance is with Direct Line if that helps.

Administrator answers:

There is no legal curfew on young drivers in the UK.

It is possible that you have an insurance policy which lays down such rules – so read all of the insurance paperwork very carefully (and if it isn’t clear ring them up and ask). It does rather sound as if your Mum may be having you on to try and keep you safe.

If you told us who you are insured with, someone might know what rules that particular company has. For example, RSA Insurance do one, with something called an i-kube in the car, which is 11pm to 5am.

Edit – I can’t see anything in the Direct Line terms and conditions to indicate that they offer any insurance scheme with a curfew.

Steven asks…

Im a uk learner driver with insurance my own car etc but i want to know am i aloud out late at night?

As i find it easier to practice with no other cars around in a tesco carpark is there a certain time learner drivers arent aloud out at night?

Administrator answers:

If you’re legal, taxed, insured etc you can go out any time so long as you have an experienced supervisor with you.

Joseph asks…

Can I drive a car uninsured but the owner of it is?

My friend tells me that I need insurance to drive a car. But I was also told that I can drive a car, uninsured, as long as the registered owner of that car, who is insured, allows you to drive it. Which one of them is true?

Administrator answers:

It depends on where you are.

If you are in the UK you need to be a named driver on the owners insurance policy.

You can only drive without insurance on the owners car if you have insurance on a vehicle of your own and have their permission to drive their car.

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