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June 7, 2013

Ruth asks…

How much money can I save on my car insurance after completion of the pass plus course?

Give me examples of how much you have saved or a friend or something

Administrator answers:

Depends entirely on the situation, the sex of driver, where they live, what their job is blah blah blah.

Best bet is to visit for a list of supporting insurers and give them a bell or do it online.

A girl recently took pass plus and saved about £200 – you have to weigh up the pro’s and con’s – it’s whether you want the training or not – in her case she had free training and £50 off her insurance :)

Linda asks…

Roughly how much would it cost to repair a dent and probably replace my bumper?

I have a 2001 Fiat Punto, and have a dent approx 10cm across just above the nearside (passenger side) end of the back bumper, and my bumper is damaged so I think I will need to get a new back bumper put on (it’s a bit split). Just wondering how much on average you would be looking at to knock a dent back out and replace a bumper, cos if it’s less than my excess I’ll pay for it, or if it’s likely to be more I’ll claim on my insurance. Just trying to get an idea so I won’t recoil in shock when I ask the place I will take it to for a quote.

Please, no “women driver” jokes!!! It’s my first car and I bashed it on my 2nd day of driving since passing my test! Thanks
It’s black, but not metallic paint, if that would make any difference to the cost

Administrator answers:

The dent, impossible to say accurately without seeing it. I would say 50 quid will be a bit light though, nearer the 100 anyway. As far as the bumper is concerned, try – they can supply your bumper already painted(if you have painted bumpers that is), brand new for not much more than 100 pounds. If your bumpers are just black plastic, about 50 quid i think.

Donna asks…

Can i get insured on Fathers Motability car?

I am 20 from UK and i have a full driving license. Is it possible for me to get insured as an additional driver on my fathers motability car?

Administrator answers:

Its possible but the premium would be just as high as if you got your own, insurance companies will load the price up because of your age.

Susan asks…

Can you drive in london if you have an american license?

I am going to london, england next summer, and I will be 16 and with an american license, that I will be receiving a month before my trip. My aunt that I will be staying with has extra cars that I plan on driving to places with,…But I wanted to know if I am ALOUD to drive in London with my american license?

Administrator answers:

If you’re 16, then no. The minimum age for driving in the UK is 17.

Vince is incorrect, local laws do apply to foreign citizens in the UK. There is also the small matter of insurance, you will all likelihood be uninsured if you just drive any car (as in the UK the driver is insured not the car) and that is a criminal offence. This will carry a fine and can result in a ban or penalty points for the person the car is registered to.

Nancy asks…

Learner driver and need a question answered asap?

Ok so I’ve just bought a car and i only hold a provisional licence and i want to get insured onto the car but i know that i have to have another person who holds a full drivers licence in the car with me but does that person have to be insured onto the car with me?

Administrator answers:

This was asked recently and there was some confusion amongst the answers, so I checked and the correct answer for the UK is this…

No, the supervising driver DOES NOT LEGALLY need to be on the car’s insurance policy, because they’re not driving it.

However….It’s a good idea if they are added to your policy in case they need to drive the car for you, if you get tired or totally stuck etc. If they have their own car insurance they MAY have the ability to drive other cars not owned by them, but don’t assume, get them to check before letting them drive your car. Driving without insurance is a very serious offence and will get you a lot of points and a big fine.

Ken asks…

What is the maximum size engine for new driver ?


Im 18yrs old and Ive had my driving license since January and I want to buy a car.
What is the maximum car engine to pay low insurance ? My friend told me 1.6L but he’s not sure.

Thank You
Well I’m French I have been living in the UK for 4 yrs. I got my driving license when I was 17yrs old and I turned 18 two weeks ago.

Administrator answers:

In the UK there is no max.

You can go out and buy a Bugatti Veyron if you can afford it and find someone to insure you on it.

Carol asks…

Don’t you believe that motorcycles should only be allowed to travel where a car can go?

This bit of driving between cars with the high beams on is ridiculous and is costing you 40% more for your auto insurance. Why should you pay for their total disregard for your safety and your pocketbook.

Administrator answers:

In the UK we are plagued by traffic jams and motorcyclists filter as we are allowed legally, not even police stop us when they see you filtering up to them.

From my experience in the UK drivers actually move out of your way to let you through and I always thank them. Truckers do too.

Insurance cost has nothing to do with it, my car is triple the cost of my bike.

I think someone is getting fed up of being stuck in traffic jams, instead of getting angry, get a bike :)

On the other hand if you mean filtering at high speed, then that is another matter and in the UK you can get arrested for dangerous riding.

I always make a rule of only filter if under 15mph.

Daniel asks…

Refund on insurance when downgrading your car?

I am trading my car in for something more economical with a smaller engine. I have paid my years insurance in advance and wonder whether, when changing the car on my policy, I will get a refund for the overpayment? In the past I have only ever upgraded and therefore had to pay an additional premium but this is obviously the opposite scenario!
I live in England so only answers relevant to the uk will be needed, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Smaller and more economical is not always cheaper to insure. I am in Canada, but my profession was insurance broker, vehicle registrations agent, and driver licence issuer. Some people were quite surprised to find small car models were sometimes less safe, or were stolen more, or more badly damaged in accidents. Other small cars turned out to be safer and/or less stolen. I suggest you talk to your insurance broker BEFORE taking delivery of your new vehicle to find out what the actual impact is on your policy.
Some insurance basics don’t change from country to country, among them the principle of higher or lower rates based on the cost to the insurance companies of actually insuring different models. Actuarial tables are kept for every make and model on the road.

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