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June 9, 2013

Robert asks…

Why is UK car insurance so much more expensive than most of Europe?

My brother lives in Sweden and pays so much less then he did (And I do) in the UK. More than that over there it’s the car that is insured rather than the driver (or at least with his policy) so anyone over 25 years old can drive it!

So apart from the 5% tax that the government charge why are our policies so much more – Is there anyone who working in the insurance industry who can answer this please?
I’d love to not buy car insurance but in the UK it is compulsory

Administrator answers:

Think the UK is expensive? Try Ireland on for size!

Maria asks…

What happens if you have an accident in the UK as a NON-European tourist?

I wondering if in case on an accident as a tourist (let’s say a car accidentt not as a driver or a stroke or a fracture etc) the NHS can provide medical attention and service?


Administrator answers:

You will always be treated as an emergency by any British Hospital or Doctor.

However you will be expected to repay medical costs and you will need to take out travel insurance cover for that purpose. The NHS will not treat you for subsequent treatment and in severe circumstances you will need to fund an air ambulance home. That can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Travel insurance is fairly cheap so make sure you have it. The last thing you need when you are at your most vulnerable is to be stuck in a foreign country, you will want to be at home with those whom you love

Ken asks…

Are there limits to what size fo car you can drive in the Uk once you pass your test?

Could you possibly tell me whether there are engine size limits for newly qualified drivers in the Uk?


Administrator answers:

The only limit on engine size is your walet for the insurance, you will tend to find if you go above a 1.2l below the age of about 21 you premium your insurance premium would probably jump by about £250-£350 pet .1 of a litre, for a 1.1 im paying about £700 a year and im 22 with a 3yr old license with 2 accidents and an SP30

the only acctualy restriction on size of vehicle is minibus’s you have to be 21 if i remember correctly

Ruth asks…

If a car is insured fully comp. but the driver is not named on the policy what is covered in an accident?

In the UK, if a car is insured fully comprehensive by a member of the household and another member of the same household uses the car but they are not named on the insurance policy, and have no insurance of their own, what is covered by the insurance in the event of an accident?

Administrator answers:

Simple answer. No your not covered. If I’m not mistaken its an offence under the road traffic act to drive a vehicle on the public highway without insurance. Also you may be done for knowingly letting someone drive the vehicle with out insurance.

Mary asks…

Buying a car in the UK when living on a boat?

I’m French and I’ve bought a used car in Preston. I live on board at the marina and I have no residential certificate.

What I have to do to drive legally ( MOT, insurance …) ?

Administrator answers:


(ANS) I think the main requirement for you to be able to drive the car here in the UK legally, you would just need to show (proof) of residency. Meaning you would have to give your boat or the marina as your permanent address here in England. That should be enough for the purposes of a) registered owner or keeper of the vehicle for drivers license in UK b) for insurance purposes c) MOT etc.

**In other words giving your boat as your address should be fine, I cannot see that there would be a problem with that. You would still have a UK post code and that’s important.

Hope that helps?

Kind Regards Ivan

Steven asks…

Any companies offering FREE Car insurance No Claims Discount Bonus?

Don’t have No Claims discount but wondering if I can get hold of a UK company willing to offer me a year or two discount.

Administrator answers:

Some insurers will offer an ‘introductory’ discount – usually about 20% so nothing like the 40% you would get for your first years ncb. Some do offers like giving you two years at your first renewal but you’ll be lucky if you find another insurer that will accept it, so your pretty much stuck with the same insurer for at least two years. It’s the same for companies that do 10 month ‘accelerater’ ncb like elephant or bell direct – you won’t be able to trnsfer your 10 months bonus to a company that only acceptfull years.

If you’re a new driver you could do the pass plus advanced driving course – a lot if insurers will give you at least 20% discount for doing it and if your premiums are high this can amount to hundreds of pounds.

Lisa asks…

How to change ownership of my car?

Ive recently paid my car off so there’s no finance.The car is on my name with my mum as a named driver.My insurance is up for renewal and I want to get the cheapest possible premium I can.Therefore I want to change the ownership and transfer it to my mums name.Then I can be a named driver.
How do I do this?
Sorry I sound stupid just want to make sure.

Administrator answers:

All of the info to do it is on the log book V5C but your plan has 2 flaws

a) you would commit a criminal act called fronting and void the insurance See here for more

b) most companies now work out the premium bases on the youngest/least experienced drive to combat the above

Richard asks…

If I am in Scotland on a student visa can I own a car?

Also, if I can own a car, do I need a license from Scotland? Or will an international driver‘s license suffice?

Administrator answers:

Yes, there’s nothing to stop you owning a car, as long as you can get insurance for it. An international driver’s licence is only an official translation of your home country’s driving licence, and you can only drive on a foreign (non-EU) licence for a maximum of one year after you move to the UK; if you want to continue driving after that you must have taken and passed the British driving test and got a British licence.

Helen asks…

Am i covered if i am a fully licenced driver and had an accident with a provisional driver insured on my car.?

My husband has a provisional licence and I have a full licence. I am insured fully comp as the main driver and my husband is on the insurance as a second driver. He had an accident whilst I was in the car at 38 wks pregnant. I know he would normally be covered as I was the passenger, but on going through my insurance paperwork, I found him registered as a full UK driver, this is incorrect. How does this affect my claim?

Administrator answers:

Your husband will normally be required to submit his licence for checking with the claim. You should have checked that the details were correct when you received the policy documents at the start.
As it stands the insurers have the perfect opportunity to void the claim which is one distinct possibility. The best case scenario will be that they deduct the extra premium that would have been paid for him to be on there as a learner from the amount of the claim.

One other possibility – some insurers do not insure learners at all so that may mean they definitely deny your claim.

The fact that you were pregnant has nothing to do with it. To supervise him you have to be over 21 and have held a full licence for at least 3 years – does not have to be you can be anyone with that qualification.

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