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June 11, 2013

Richard asks…

Can I use Bahrain driving license in UK as a visitor?

I am resident of Bahrain holding a valid driving license. I intend to visit UK shortly and wish to drive in UK is my Bahrain license valid to drive in UK without getting a International Driving Permit prior to my visit to UK. Is there any restriction on using this license in UK?

Administrator answers:

You can drive the same classes of vehicles in the UK that you are allowed to drive in Bahrain. You can drive for up to one year on your Bahrain license.

However, if the license is issued in Arabic you will need to get an English translation. An International Driving Permit may be the easiest way to obtain that translation.

Here is a link for further Information.


As for hire cars. All car rental companies rely on international drivers to keep their business buoyant so you will have no problem whatsoever getting insurance.

Robert asks…

Why do most people try to scare young drivers with large insurance costs?

I am a responsible teen. Why do some people try to tell me I’m not? I hate generalization.

Administrator answers:

Insurers don’t just make prices up. They employ actuaries who study in to motor accident statistics and assess how likely people in your age group are to have an accident. You don’t say where you are based, but in the UK, one in four young drivers has an accident within their first year of driving. Claims can be expensive by the time that they have paid out for the damage, the injury claims and the legal fees. How on Earth is the insurer meant to fund such a sheer volume of claims if they do not charge the appropriate premiums to cover the cost?

As a new driver, you have no experience, so you cannot prove to the insurer that you are safe. As such, all the insurer can do is to look at people they have insured with a similar risk profile to yourself and work out how likely you are to claim.

When I was a new young driver, I was not a ‘boy racer’ like most of the young people on the roads. I kept to the speed limit, and drove carefully, and like you, I did not want to be grouped with the other young people, but my inexperience told, and I had an accident, so the insurer was right. Nobody can guarantee that they will not have accidents.

If you genuinely feel that you do not want to be treated like all the other young drivers, there are insurers out there who use Smartbox technology. They will fit a small box to your car, and it monitors your driving habits and sends the data back to the insurer. If you drive safely and within the speed limits, your premiums get reduced. Maybe this is an option for you to consider if you do not like generalisation.

I know it’s hard when most of your money goes on insurance, but we’ve all been new drivers and all paid the prices you have to pay. When you have driven safely for a year or two, you start to build up no claim discount, and your premium will come down, but that is a reward for years of safe driving, and you have to earn it. To give cheap insurance to everyone, when they have not proved how safe they are would just not be fair.

William asks…

where and how to get an insurance for a borrowed car?

Hi there, I am going to borrow a car from a friend for one day and since I am not at his insurance policy, I will have to obtain one day insurance for my own name, am I right? I have my own car which is insured but I cannot use it at that day. Can my own insurance cover that single day? If not, where and how do I get that one day insurance? Thanks for answers!

Administrator answers:

You have 4 options…

Option 1: If you have the ‘drive other cars’ extension on your policy then you will be allowed to drive your friends car (Third Party Only), but make sure you read the small print as some insurance companies will only allow you to use the DOC extension for emergency use only.

Option 2: Call your insurance company and see if they can add your friends car to your policy for a day.

Option 3: Ask your friend to add you as a named driver on their insurance policy (if you have an accident this will mean you have to claim on your friends policy).

Option 4: Get short term insurance for a day (or for however long you require it)

Here are some short term insurance companies…


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