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Your Questions About New Driver Car Insurance Uk

June 14, 2013

Ken asks…

What company in Ireland can I get insurance for classic car when i’m 23 and a provisional driver?

I have just got a VW beattle 1978 and turns out its not easy to get insured on it. I’m 23 and a new driver? Anyone know? plese and thank you.. :)

Administrator answers:

Try this one-

Steven asks…

Learning someone to drive with a broken arm?


UK law means a provisional learning can drive a car if someone over 3 years (??) is in the car with them. I am well over this but have my arm in plaster after recently breaking it. Can i still allow a provisional learner to drive?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can, there is nothing in law that says you can’t.
Having a broken arm does not exempt you from teaching someone to drive.

I do not beleive that the law say’s you must be able to drive the car that you are usring to teach someone to drive in.
If you are teaching a friend to drive, you may not be insurered to drive their car, so under the road traffic act 1976 you would be breaking the law if you drove it.

If you are teaching someone to drive you will need to have L-Plates clearly displayed, appropriate insurance for the learner driver and you must have held your licence for a minimum of 3 years and be at least 21 years old. It’s also recommended that you have a rear view mirror fitted when you are supervising a learner.
If someone can post a link (in law) to where it states that the both the pupil and the qualified driver must be insurered, then I will change my mind,
I don’t think anyone will find a link


Donna asks…

What compensation for a road accident could I be paid?

I was knocked of my scooter by a car and broke my tib and fib bones in my leg and have been off work for a year. The other driver excepted liability. Are their any other bikers from the UK who had the same injury and could give me an idea of compensation payouts.

Administrator answers:

My uncle had 14 months of work and broke his leg and had a op on it and ended up with £180,000 from the other persons insurance but he claimed for everythink just lay it on thick mate thats why they are covered for £1,000,000 liablity cover so max it out good luck

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