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June 17, 2013

Mary asks…

If I got a car insurance while on a Provisional license, could I still use it when on a full license?

I’ve got a provisional UK drivers license but I’m hoping to get my full UK drivers licence soon, but insurance is very expensive.

I’ve seen insurance whilst on provisional is cheaper than on a full license, if I got that would I still be able to use it whilst holding a full UK drivers license?

Also what are some other ways to save money on car insurance?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Hi there. Unfortunately, on passing your test you will have to switch to a different insurance policy which is likely to cost you a lot more. It is cheaper to insure yourself as a learner as you are accompanied in the car by a more experienced driver. After you pass your test you’ll be driving on your own so you require a new package. You’re right, it is expensive, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. Good luck with your test anyway ;-)

James asks…

What cheap cars to buy insurance wise?

Looking to see what is a good car (within UK) to buy for a 1st time driver that just passed test. I was thinking corsa or Ka something 1.3 or lower, only requirement I have is the same reason for a car and give up motorcycles- need the car to be able to fit a baby seat comfortably in the back seat, any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

All cars are categorised as being in a particulr insurance group, and the lower the group, the lower the insurance. You can check the details here:

However, do remember that the make of car is only one factor in determining you premium – and far from the most important one. Your age, when you passed the test, where you live, where you keep the car overnight, and your past driving record all have an effect, with age and postcode being the most significant. You will pay 10 to 20 times as much as I do, even if you get the cheapest car on that list, just because you are a new (presumably young) driver.

Paul asks…

Car insurance who accepts less than 3 years old no claim discount?

I have a 4 years NCD confirmation letter from ensure sent to me in April 2013 reasons that my policy finished in October 2010.
Long story made short I have 4 years NCD who’s is older than 24 months but less than 3 years old. Also I am a named driver on my partners car with ensure as well (he has more than 5 years NCD )
And I want my own car now. Is there any insurance who will accept my 4 years NCD, even that is older than 2 years? UK only please.

Administrator answers:

In almost the exact scenario, I called Esure and explained that my last insurer with me being the policy holder was with them and that I have been named driver on all my partners policies since. They accepted the 4 years discount and gave me another 10% off which they said is equivalent to 5 years NCD the same as my partners NCD. I think they are great!!!

Nancy asks…

Why is my car insurance so high?

I’m 18 years old, living in the UK. I passed my test last year in October. I tried looking for quotes with my dad as primary driver (and me as additional driver), and we get mad prices like £12,000 a year?! This is even on 1.2 cars. All my friends have insurance as additional drivers with their parents and they pay no more than £2000 yearly. Why is this? Me and my dad never had any problems with police or even had an accident. My dad is 52 years old, and has had a license since he was 18. He’s never claimed, or crashed in his life. We were living in Italy till I was 5, so might that be the problem? Thanks for reading!

Administrator answers:

It could be your postcode, or where the car is kept at night, the amount of miles driven or any number of other things.

Daniel asks…

My mum lives in a another country. I urgently need to get me insured into her car?

She owns a car in the Uk. Insured on her and my dad. I urgently need it insured on me for 1 month.

The problem is that my mum doesnt speak a word of english. I was the one setting up the insurance for her through the phone and they only asked her to confirm that I can speak on her behalf. I am in the Uk now – she isnt. So Iw oudlnt be able to pass th phone over to her for confirmation. What can I do in this case. Can I leave the insurance company her telephone number so they can confirm her approval? She lives in cyprus now.

Administrator answers:

I guess someone has been caught driving Mum’s car with no insurance. If she lives in Cyprus she can’t be the main driver of a car in the UK. You need to get your own insurance for the vehicle and pay the going rate

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