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June 18, 2013

Maria asks…

Quick insurance quotes with no personal info?

Hi, I’m doing some research into what I want my first car to be. I’ve narrowed it down to the original Golf GTI, original Mini Cooper S and the Peugeot 205 GTI. I love all these cars but I need to insure them for a 17year old boy. I am a careful driver but you know how expensive insurance is. I live in the UK and want a quick insurance quote without having to put in all my details such as where I live. Any websites that can let me do this? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

No such site exists. To get a quote they want personal information. They will certainly want your address. A quote of £3000 in the countryside in Scotland would be £30,000 in Bradford.

When you see the numbers you’ll be doing some more research into cars like Nissan Micras, Ford Fiestas and Citroen C1s.

A 17 year old on cars like you want isn’t going to happen unless you’re a professional footballer.

Joseph asks…

Driving without insurance? Is there a time frame where they have to write to you?

A friend was caught driving his friends car with no insurance. The police were actually nice about it, took the car to the police station car park to save his friend the daily fine of impounding it and told his friend to pick the car up tomorrow.

That was nearly 2 months ago and neither of them have received a letter or anything… is it safe to say they got off? is there a time frame they have to write you or will one most properly pop in the post tomorrow or even in a few months?

Administrator answers:

Are you in the UK? If so, I cannot believe that the police would not follow up a matter of driving with no insurance. Perhaps one if your friends found that the driver was covered after all? It would be unlikely, but not impossible, for the police to proceed with a prosecution after a couple of months.

David asks…

Where can I find the cheapest insurance for young drivers?

I am looking for the cheapest insurance for young drivers in United Kingdom. I am 18 years old and I am planning to buy a car. I have been looking for an insurance for Golf Mk 4 1.9 TDi which costs up to £3000 but the cheapest insurance I could find was also over £3000 up to £5000. Tell me the cheapest you know, please. I have a full UK license.
OK, I get it but where can I find the cheapest insurance in your opinion for young drivers? I am looking for the cheapest you could find for yourself.

Administrator answers:

The quotes you’re getting are pretty good for a teenage new driver on a Golf, that’s what it costs to insure a car at your age.

Sharon asks…

How do I become a self-employed taxi driver?

I live the UK. Is all I need: a driving license, a car and a taxi sign on top of the car? Or is it a bit more complicated?

Administrator answers:

No, you need a licence from your local council, many councils insist on a CRB check , many require you take a ‘taxi’ test to check you know where certain places are in the local area and your insurance would need to be changed to cover using your car to carry passengers paying passengers –

Carol asks…

Can a Person from south america drive on UK roads with an International driving licence?

Ok, there is a Person from Colombia that I know, who insists that the International driving licence they bought is valid for driving on UK roads. I argued that it was for only one year, after that he needs to go through the driving process of applying for a Provisional licence taking the test etc. He has been here for 4 years now and still insists its ok to drive, he drives his wife’s car and im not even sure he could get insurance. Who is right? and is he breaking the law.

Administrator answers:

An International driving permit is NOT a drivers license !
It is only a translation of ones valid drivers license. They are almost never required and are mainly a waste of money. If ones regular drivers license is not valid, then neither is the IDP.
Whether or not his Columbian license is still valid is mute because to drive in the UK, he must have a UK drivers license. His Columbian license became invalid to drive in the UK nearly 4 years ago. He must get a UK license to be legal

Charles asks…

Can I keep my no claims if hit by an uninsured driver?

I live in the UK – I have a fully comp policy but didn’t protect my no claims. (I know – doh!)

I was recently hit by an uninsured, hit and run driver and have had to make a claim. Does anyone know if I stand a chance of being able to protect my no-claims as the bump wasn’t my fault?

I have a witness and (probably) CCTV footage. The police are waiting for the driver to complete a form to determine if he was really the driver on that day. I’m currently liable for the Excess.

Administrator answers:


Protected NCB is normally only available to someone who has Full Comp and Full NCB (Normally
9 years). As you have already notified them you will lose some or all of your NCB and if available the NCB Protection would only be available after this claim is settled. And as you are having to claim to get your car repaired you will have to build up again but you will have to check with your insurance company as different ones allow different things like 1 claim a year without loss of NCB but others
(The cheaper ones will not. The latest thing insurance companies are selling as part of a policy is to cover exactly what has happened to you.

Andy C

George asks…

What happens if u get caught from the police driving and your 16 with a provisional licence?

I’m 16 and have a uk provisional I’m wondering what would happen if the police pulled me over and I was driving with a qualified driver siting next to me on a country road or a quiet road. Would I get banned for driving for when I’m 17 or would they let me go as I’m only getting prepared for when I’m 17

Administrator answers:


Let you go!

You are having a laugh.

At 16 you do not have a licence to drive cars. No licence therefore no insurance. That’s two offences committed by you at least.
No insurance carries a minimum 6 points on your licence in addition to fines.

Then we have that ‘qualified driver’ sitting next to you. He will be reported for the offences of permitting no insurance and no licence and dealt with in exactly the same way as you.

As a retired traffic policeman I have to tell you, you would have made my day. The quiet country road mitigation would be dismissed as the rubbish it is. Country roads can be more dangerous than motorways.
Getting prepared for when you are 17? How, by taking instruction from some fool who does not know the law.

When you do get to 17 and pass a driving test by taking professional instruction you will then be faced with trying to insure your car. Your 6 points for no insurance will mean many insurance companies will not touch you and those that do will see you as a cash cow.

Helen asks…

If I have a reckless driving in the US, will I be allowed in the Europe?

I got a DUI reduced to a reckless driving last February. I am traveling through Europe for three weeks in July 2013. The cities/countries I’ll be visiting are:

Berlin & Frankfurt, Germany
London, UK
Alsace, France
Southern Belgium
Dublin, Ireland
Milan, Italy
passing through Switzerland

My friends are renting a car for the time we travel though Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy. Could I apply for a foreign driver‘s license?

We’ll be taking the buses and trains through the UK.

Should I be afraid of not being let in? Should I bring my court paper work with me?

Administrator answers:

None of the countries you plan to visit will check your criminal history or care if you have one (unless you are a terrorist or major drug dealer).

You will not be able to apply for a driving license as a tourist. Your USA state driving license will work just fine.

It’s not required, but consider getting an “International Driving Permit”, which is a translation of your state driving license. You apply for an IDP through AAA, and you can do so with a photocopy of your license plus the fee (don’t send your actual license to them):

Make certain the rental car is > fully insured < as being in an at fault accident while abroad is a really bad time to discover you are under-insured.

Auto-routes (like Interstate Highways) in Europe often require a fee. The rental car must have a sticker on the windshield proving the fee was paid. ASK the rental agency about stickers (plural) for the countries you will drive through.

Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you outside the USA and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance.


William asks…

How much roughly do you think it will cost in insurance to drive abroad?

I know it’s silly asking on here but my insurer website is down lol.

I’m 22, male, hold a UK drivers licence, I’ve been driving 4 years and I’d be driving a ford galaxy.. I’d be driving around europe for 2 weeks.. Do you think it’ll cost hundreds, thousands??

Sorry its pretty vague..

Cheers x

Administrator answers:

You cannot buy a seperate insurance that will allow you to do this.
If the Galaxy is already your car and you have it insured then only your insurer will even know if it is possibel or in fact already included as most do.
If it is not your car then you have to be added to the insurance of the person that does own and insure it – again that insurer is the only one that knows.
My bet is that it will be in the hundreds

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