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June 21, 2013

Lisa asks…

For a first time driver who is 28 who is good for cheap car insurance?

In the uk

Administrator answers:

Sent mail, list of places

Susan asks…

Can i drive car on my full uk license on insurance for provisional license ?

Hi can i drive a car with full uk license but on provissional license insurance as i passed my test in additon i am 17 yrs old the reason of that is because the cheapest insurance for full uk license with my dad as 1st driver was 2.5grand.

Administrator answers:

1. If you have passed your test and fail to notify your insurer then your insurance is null and void as you must let them know about all changes to the details you supplied when taking out the policy – your licence status was definitely one of them. So NO you cannot legally drive it – fact.

2. If you fraudulently declare your Dad as the main driver and you as a named driver thus declaring him as the owner and registered keeper of your car you are committing a criminal offence. If you own a car and are the main driver YOU have to be the policy holder and declared main driver. See this BBC news item for confirmation

Lizzie asks…

renting car at hertz is it ok to travel long distance?

I am trying to rent a car from hertz and drive from North Dakota to Arkansas and I want to know if it’s ok to drive all the way there due to their rules or when the car has unlimited miles for it. I have not ask them this because I don’t want any disapproval from booking a car from them.

Administrator answers:

Agree with other replies but one thing you may not think of – INSURANCE!

We all hate the hard sell of extra insurance when taking the car. HOWEVER bear in mind this:-

Picked up a pre-booked car at Las Vegas airport. Said “I want insurance to cover the car for everything”. Drove to hotel.

Next morning (first time out in car) stopped on Strip behind a GIGANTIC and very wide 4X4.
It suddenly drove backwards and ended up going up and over the hood until the back axle scraping/ruining across the boywork hit the screen/door pillars, then it started to push the car backwards as the front wheels of the 4X4 still had traction!

The woman driver said “didn’t see you, overran the crosswalk, could get a fine, so backed up!” Took her details and was able to limp back to airport rental car depot!

Their eyes popped when they saw the damage and said “this is going to cost you a fortune”. When they saw the insurance we had they just gave me a “new” car and we drove off leaving them with the disaster zone to sort out!

By the way we are from the UK so it would have been a disaster for us if we didn’t have insurance!

Donna asks…

What’s a reasonable budget for a first car, and what to look out for when buying one?

I am going to start driving lessons in 2 months and I want to start saving up for a car but I have no idea how much I would be looking to spend and how much insurance would cost.

Thanks in advance =) x
BTW I’m in the UK x

Administrator answers:

In the uk, road tax and insurance is at a high , for a fist time driver extremely high. I would go with a vahxhall corsa,citroen saxo,or Peugeot 106 as these have relatively small engines e.g 1.0litre,and popular among first time drivers. I know it’s not power full but you don’t want 2 get caught speeding in your first few years.For example a peugeot 106 is in group 4 for insurance which is relatively cheap as the groups go from 1-21.Hope i helped.

Donald asks…

Could my husband be a proposer for both his car and mine?

I ask because the amount they want to insure my car for this year is daylight robbery
my hubby is 10+ years older than me and so would get insurance a bit cheaper.
so my thinking is can he be the proposer on our car and mine separately
See what i mean?
I am in rip of U.K!

Administrator answers:

UK answer
The proposer and so the policyholder with 99% of insurers will have to be the main driver, registered keeper on the log book (v5c) and the financial owner of the car.
As he cannot be the main driver as you have said one is your car then to avoid committing insurance fraud and possible claim problems you need to be the proposer and policyholder for your own car.

John asks…

Can you get insurance in the UK for 2 cars at the same time?

My mother is insured on here Peugot 307, but, can she keep that policy whilst being the Main Driver on another policy, on which I (being 17 years old) am a named driver?

Administrator answers:

Your mother can certainly insure two cars at once. However, if it is intended that she should be named as the primary driver on what is, essentially, your car while you are the main driver you should be very careful.
If the insurance company should suspect that this is being done as a ruse to get the benefit of a cheaper insurance premium then, in the event of an accident, they could say that you aren’t insured leaving you in an invidious position.
Also, while you are only an additional named driver, you will never acquire any driving time as far as the insurance company is concerned to enable you to accrue a no-claims discount when you take out a policy in your own right.

Sharon asks…

What do you think the chances are of hitchhiking in the uk?

Well Hopefully soon I will be start hitchhiking from Scotland going to the bottom of England. I just keep getting a lot of people saying it will be impossible, but I really do think there are a lot of good people out there, who will help me. What do you think?

Administrator answers:

The main thing to remember is that pedestrians are not allowed on motorways, and truck drivers are mostly forbidden by their employers to carry unauthorized persons (for insurance reasons).
You might have been fine 20-30 years ago, but many car drivers these days will not pick up strangers. Not impossible but very difficult, time consuming and frustrating.
You could conceal yourself on an open back truck in Scotland and just pray it is going south. Learn the area phone codes for UK cities and check the side of the truck for the phone number of its company – 0121 is Birmingham (more than halfway to London) while 0203, 0207 and 0208 are London itself

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