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July 1, 2013

Susan asks…

What is the legal definition of “resident” in the UK for drivers license?

I’ve moved to UK 2.5 years ago for my studies and plan to spend at least another 2.5 to get to a qualification I want. I have a EU drivers license for car but would like to get motorcycle one. For that I need to apply for provisional license and amongst the requirements it has “must be UK resident”. I live here, study and work here. Do I count as one? Tried googling but after 2.5h of shifting through pages and reading various .gov definitions still am confused. Can anyone help?


Administrator answers:

Any licence from another EU country is considered a FULL UK licence
The licence will list what (EU wide) clases it is valid to cover.

Often it will also act as a provisional Motorcycle licence
(so it may already be one – check the classes)

Otherwise, resident is whereever you ‘normally’ and ‘habitually’ live
A student with a course over 6 months is considered resident
and any EEA/EU citizen with plans or who actually does, stay in an EU country for more than 90 days (and supporting themselves), is also a resident (EU law)

So if you need a provisional licence, then you may apply for a UK one.
You do not need to convert your EU one to a UK one. (only non-EEA/EU people must do that within 12 months).


See directive 91/439/EEC, the driving licences issued by any EU Member State are valid in any other EU state

Driving in Great Britain on a non-GB licence

Exchange a foreign driving licence

Catagories of licence

“…. If you already have a full licence covering groups B, C1, D1 or P (see under heading The type of vehicle the licence covers), you can use it automatically as a provisional licence for driving a motorbike.”

see later in that link for other restrictions on provisional licences – IN10
FYI: insurance is a legal MUST (major points and fines, and potential crush of vehicle if you are caught without it). Many insurance companies try to insist on a UK Licence – this is illegal under EU law. And you may need to remind them of the the EU directive.

Wgen googling, try to include the words “” or “DVLA” in your search,
as that gets to you to the UK Gov webpages and Driving and licencing Authority.

Classes equivelent across the EU

DVLA: – drivers

Michael asks…

cheapest way to insure 19 yr old boy with one year no claims bonus?

owns own car,has pass plus. been driving 1 yr on own insurance.wants me to put him on mine as he can’t afford another yr on own. Can i do it? Is it legal? Is it cheaper?

Administrator answers:

UK answer -
If he is the main driver of the car then he has to be the owner and keeper as well as the policyholder. If it is insured in your name as the main driver and he really is then you are commiting fraud – it is known as Fronting and this BBC news report explains it clearly – – all about parents breaking law on car insurance

Nancy asks…

How much does it cost to KEEP a car like range rover?

ive never had a car,
but i know that expensive cars are also expensive to KEEP, with all the insurance, gas, and idk what else, (if u could list it that be nice too)

so how much does it cost to keep a car like range rover (per month)?

Administrator answers:

Well road tax is approx £270 a year, it does about 25mpg, average annual mileage approx 10000 miles giving an approx fuel cost of £2200 a year insurance for a new driver somewhere in the region of £2000, depending on your age etc, service cost £200

so a total sum of £4670 a year, or approx £375 a month, assuming no mechanical failure during the year in the UK not including the cost of the vehicle. Realistically your need to have a spare £400 a month to account for any unexpected repairs, tires etc

Daniel asks…

What is the cost of owning a car in the UK?

Hello, I am coming to study in the UK for a year and a half, I would like to know how much would it cost me to own a car ( not the price ), what I want to know is the cost of taxes, registration and licencing, and the prices of petrol in the UK..

Thanks in advance :)
I have an international driving permit, been driving for 5 years and im 23 years old…

i want a Japanese car with a maximum 1.6 liter engine and not older than 3 years

Administrator answers:

Registration – one time only when new and not again.
Road tax – depends on pollution output so between £35 and £450 a year.
Fuel is around £4.47 per gallon so the cost there will depend on how far you travel and how many miles the car does to the gallon.
Insurance – stick to a small car and if you have an EU full licence you might get away with about £1500 to £3000 per year , if you can find an insurer to take you.
Driver licencing is complex depending on where you are a citizen so please read the link below – it may impact on the costs of course as well

Sandra asks…

Car insurance by the driver rather than by the car?

I have three vehicles plus a scooter. I am the only driver. Is there a company that covers the driver on all vehicles rather than insuring each vehicle separately? It’s too much to cover them separately.
One is my regular car. One is a collectible classic, One is home built.

Administrator answers:

Yes there is. Look into “trader’s insurance” or “business insurance”.
I had one when I had a shop and had to ride all kind of motorcycles every day to the testing station and back, and cars and trucks.
This was in the UK so in the USA might be different but those shop owner chaps have same requirements wherever they are so insurances will be there to accomodate them.
But, if you are not in the trade then I am not sure, all I know is that I kept my insurance for a decade after I closed the shop down.
Hope that’s enough info to set you on the right path.

Richard asks…

Is my brother insured to drive my car during his visit to the UK?

My brother lives in Sweden, and owns a car there.
I am in the UK, and have fully-comp insurance for my car.
Is my brother insured to drive my car when he visits, or do I need to add him to my “named drivers” list?
Thanks for your answer BLB.

I realise that every case is different, and the definitive answer can only come from my insurer.

I suppose I was being a bit lazy, but I just wondered :-
(a) whose insurance covers my brother when he is driving my car, is it my policy (with the cover reduced 3rd party) or can his Swedish insurance cover him?
(b) would my insurers not just say “add him to your named drivers list for £££”.
Trouble is, I already have 2 named drivers, I don’t think my policy allows more without hefty fees.
Quick update – I asked my insurers (esure), and they said he is not automatically covered on my insurance, so I need to check his insurance to see if it covers him.

Administrator answers:

Usually, if someone is not a regular driver of your vehicle and you give them permission to drive they are covered.

The best thing for you to do is check with your insurance agent

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