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July 3, 2013

Thomas asks…

Should I get a 125cc bike or a car? UK answers only please?

I would prefer a car, but am willing to settle for a motorbike because of the ridiculous insurance prices nowadays for a car. I’m almost 17 and living in the UK, but I was wondering if it’s true that for the first 2 years of driving a 125cc bike it builds up your no claims for a car? What would work out cheaper for me on the long run?

Administrator answers:

You cannot use your bike no claims bonus on a car unfortunately but some companies do give discounts.

I recommend getting a motorcycle because it will be a lot cheaper to insure than a car. Still do your car test ASAP so when you do get a car in future it will be cheaper to insure (as you will have had your full car licence for a while so won’t be considered a new driver).

Donna asks…

I want to add an extra driver on to my car insurance for 7 days what would be the average price of this?

Thank you for your answers, but the extra drive is my daughter who is coming home for the Christmas period. I just simple would like a vague idea of how much it will cost to add her for one week before i speak to my insurance tomorrow.
Kind regards

Administrator answers:

With most insurers you cannot just add her for 7 days but would have to add her for whatever the balance is of the 12 month policy.
There is absolutely no way to tell you a price or even guess without many many more details.
If she is under 25 it may be impossible
If she is living outside the UK and does not have a UK or EU licence it will most likley be impossible
If you don’t have her full details to hand when you call it may be impossible.

Average – this would be the total amount paid by people for this divided by the number of people – who on earth would have bothered to collect that information which would be useless if they did!!!!

Michael asks…

Driving a new car from england to europe?

i just got a car in the uk and want to drive it to sweden and use it there, what kind of paper work do i have to get it to be able to move it from the uk through europe to sweden, i know i need a full drivers license which i have.

its not a new car though, its a used car so it must have had some registration before, like th enumber plate.

Administrator answers:

You can exchange your license for a Swedish one once you are registered in Sweden.


There is a discussion about this at an English-language Swedish news site, it seems to be complicated in some cases:

You have to register the car with Vägverket ( once you arrive, and you may have to make some changes to the car, depending on how old it is and its condition. Others recommend talking to your local dealer before moving, and getting any forms you might need from them (especially if the car is newer than 2003, since these cars have more stringent rules). You don’t need paperwork to drive it into the country, though. Check with your UK insurance company to see how long they will cover you outside the UK.

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