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April 29, 2012

Maria asks…

roughly how much is car insurance for a new driver in uk?

im going to get my license because i’ve been told it’s good to have early. but i can’t decide whether or not to look into getting a car. i just need a rough idea of how much insurance is. i have no idea what type of car. just basic. i just need a rough price please.

Administrator answers:

Depending on the year of manufacture and size of the engine. On most cases the smaller the engine/ cc, the cheaper the insurance. For new drivers with ZERO no claims bonus the average premium will be between £1000 to £2,500 + depending on engine size. Best to register as a second driver with someone who has 5 years bonus or more until you are aged 25+, you will then be in a different insurance group (not the young reckless and new drivers group). Insurance will then be cheaper for you and by then you will have saved alot of money £££.

Sandy asks…

UK car insurance for new driver in late 30s.?

Does anyone have a personal recommendation for an insurer for somebody who has just passed their test at the age of 37? – I’m actually quite an experienced driver, (20 years) but obviously any driving you do before you pass your test isn’t counted.
So, if anyone has been in a similar situation and has found an insurer who isn’t having a laugh, please let me know.

Administrator answers:

There is simply no other way but to shop around no matter what anyone else on here says. An insurer may give a good deal this week to someone in your position but not be competitive the week after – that is how it works
You need to follow this system to get the best deal – its tried and tested and comes from Independent moneysaving expert, Martin Lewis who is on BBC radio regularly -
Go through 4 comparison websites – 4 because no one website deals with all the possible 200 insurers
Now get quotes from Direct Line and Avivva as they are on no comparison sites
The crucial bit – use the best 2 or 3 quotes to get on the phone and to haggle – no matter what they say about web discounts there are better prices on the phone.

To give you a guide, I am about to renew my insurance on a 1.8 litre medium sized car and am old enough to use SAGA!. With no no claims discount this would cost me around £1000 a year – thankfully I have a full NCD!

William asks…

Where to buy the cheapest car insurance for new driver in the UK?

I passed my test back in april 06

Administrator answers:

I got mine from Ecar who had a good rate but what I did was web searched for car insurance and got quotes from the other on-line insurers first and chose the cheapest quote for me your quote may be cheaper else where

Mary asks…

Car insurance for a new driver UK?

does anyone know of any car insurance companies that dont rob you in broad daylight? ive just passed my test and i know it aint gonna be cheap but i was wondering if anyone knows of any cheaper insurers
endsleigh are shite by the way ;)
im male btw

Administrator answers:

I went with direct line when I first passed they were the cheapest by a mile, and its 12 months for the price of 10 at the moment too.
They also don’t charge an arm and a leg in interest when you pay monthly, which a lot of insurers do so watch out.
If any of your family are with direct line let them know because they offer a multicar discount. Named drivers also get a no claims which I thought was good.

The price comparison websites are mostly a waste of time but give it a try anyway. Just don’t put your real phone number in because you get a load of idiots in call centres harrassing you for weeks on end after you get the quotes.

I agree endsleigh are shite. So are all those websites that make out they are for young drivers and students. They’re a bloody rip off too.

Its a bit naughty and technically illegal, but insure the car in your dad/mum’s name on direct line and put yourself as a named driver for the first year (just don’t make any claims because they’ll start asking questions). It works out a lot cheaper and you get the named driver no claims. In the second year, go with direct line again on your own and use the no claims discount.

Sometimes if you put one of your parents as one of the named drivers on the car it actually works out cheaper for some reason, this is legal, even if they don’t use the car.
Put on the quote that you only use the car for social use, and only do about 2,000 or less miles a year. If you’ve got an alarm, immobiliser, park on the drive or have steering lock let them know, it brings the price down.

Also get a quote on the internet and then phone the insurer direct. Phone them at the end of the month when they need to make their targets because they will be more inclined to give you extra discounts.

Sandra asks…

Car Insurance for Young Driver (UK)?

Hi, I’ll get straight to the point, I’m 17 almost 18 and am looking 2 buy my 1st car. I live a upper class life, and when it comes down to cars i do get to travel in in style. e.g. my dad drives a Jaguar S-Type, my mother a brand new 2008 Land Rover Freeland, and i do know people with Bentley’s and this one guy i know will take me out for a drive in his Aston Martin Vanquish.

I do like to stick out from a crowd and this is a amazing opportunity to do so at college. My 1st car is definitely goin on my dads policy, and by then i will have my full license. I have seen Jaguar XJ’s for sale which i can afford, but my greatest question is how much would the insurance be.

If someone who is a young driver who drives a Jaguar or something similer could give me a rough guess to how much insurance wud be?, i wud be greatfull or someone who has insured a young driver on there Jaguar?.

Administrator answers:

Many insurance companies will not quote you online, however if you ring up and let them know that you can afford whatever they want to quote you, then they will be more than happy to give you a quote. Im 18 nearly 19 and I drive a SL65 AMG Merc and that costs around £9,000 – £10,000.

Good luck.

John asks…

Question about car insurance for new drivers (UK)?


I have passed my test and am wondering if it’s possible to get insured for a rover 95 2001 – 2005. Or a rover in general. Do you think I am likely to be insured. Its not suped up or anything. If You dont think I can, what type of car would you reccomend.
Apart from hatchbacks as I sell granit and need a decent boot. if not an estate a saloon.

Administrator answers:

I am sorry but Rover did not make a Rover 95, but they did make a rover 45,75,400,600 or an 800 with a reasonable sized boot they all came in estate form too. Try and get the diesel engine as these are better than the 1.4 and 1.6 petrol as these usually suffer from overhead gaskets going.
Insurance will not be a problem as they are not classed as powerful cars and these are normally quite well equipped

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