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June 1, 2012

Chris asks…

cheapest cars to insure for a 17 year old?

I was wondering what cars would be the cheapest to insure for a new driver, aged 17. I heard there is all these different groups which relate to the amount of insurance you would have to pay. Also, I would prefer a decent car, so if you know any decent, cheap to insure cars! pleaseeee let me know! thanks! :D

Administrator answers:

Anything uncool with a small engine is less expensive, but you’re still going to be looking at £3k+ no matter what car you get.

The days of teens being able to run a car are over, unless you’re seriously loaded.

Charles asks…

Does my car has to have insurance or do I have to have a new insurance for myself in order to drive in NJ?

I’m a bit confused about this issue. I have a permit and I want to do a road test in order to obtain the provisional driver license. The thing is that I heard a lot from people about insurance and now I’m that confused that I don’t know what to do. Do I need to have insurance? or does my car need insurance? Can I be under my parents insurance? Would that be cheaper? Could you guys help me figure this out?
All I want is to drive legally without any problems, and don’t waste money. Could you give me some sources also?
Thx ahead

Administrator answers:

In the state of NJ, whoever owns the car has to have valid insurance on the car when taking the road test. You personally do not need insurance unless the car is in your name. If you are the owner of the car, then you have to have insurance. You can certainly take the driving test in your parents car as long as they have valid insurance on it. It is less expensive to be on your parents policy, but the vehicle will be in their name, with you listed as a driver or part time driver.

Unfortunately NJ car insurance is one of the highest costs in the country. Check around with different companies. Or go to an agent that represents different car insurance companies. I would stay away from Liberty Mutual, they are one of the most expensive ones. State Farm, All State are less. Geico is less than Progressive, but you just have to check around and see. When comparing pricing, make sure you are comparing the same coverage and deductables.

Good luck on your driving test.

Susan asks…

At risk of the Yahoo naughty step ?

I`ve been on Answers for nearly 4 years . There used to be plenty of questions worth thinking about/answering but now things seem to have gone downhill .
What colour should I paint my room ?
What is the best car for a new driver ?
Where can I get cheap car insurance ?
Have I been zapped by a speed camera ?
My washing machine/ dishwasher / car won`t work .
Most of these questions could be answered by a Google search or going to a local expert .
It would be great to get back to questions that have a true `OPEN ` option .
Maybe I`m being cynical , so I`ll give 10 points to anybody who can give a good for/against answer.
PS . A lot of best answers seem to come from 1 or 2 votes , not from the asker, why is that ?
Maybe they just want an answer and don`t care about the basics of Answers .

Administrator answers:

I don’t answer very often anymore (though I hope to again), but I still enjoy reading Yahoo!Answers. Yes a lot of things can be answered by a search using Google, Yahoo, Bing, whatever floats your boat. However, the human touch is what’s interesting to read. Many people don’t really understand the concept of “information literacy”. Sometimes I share things privately. I give information about boolean searching, google academic, advance search short cuts, and people are surprised they exist and how much they change a search. Am I a bit cynical? Well yes, I see point gaming and chatting; I’m surprised my eyes haven’t rolled out of my head. Some people have forgotten the basics of Answers. At the same time though, there are still many dedicated and good answerers. I would have abandoned even reading years ago if that wasn’t the case.

Linda asks…

what is a good car for a new driver aged 17?

one which has low insurance, a low engine size, cheap but still a nice looking car!

Administrator answers:

Honda civic 97-2000 1.6L engine 4 cylinder great on gas, ex models come with a sunroof and VTEC engine. The coupes look nice and yu can put some aftermarket parts on them (they cost cheap)

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