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July 10, 2012

Sharon asks…

What’s a good first car for low insurance?

I’m buying a first car soon, and I don’t want the insurance to go through the roof. My mom offered to just give me her 3-Series but I’m afraid it’ll make our rates go up if I’m the primary driver, but I know nothing about insurance so help me out here… I don’t really care what the car is AS LONG AS…

It is 1995 or newer
Has the basics (power steering, air conditioning)
Reasonably comfortable
Reasonable gas mileage–doesn’t have to be too great
NOT a Honda. At all.

I really hate Hondas with a passion and that kind of lowers the list, but oh well..

It doesn’t really need all the fancy bells and whistles–just needs to be comfortable, cheap-ish insurance, and easy to fix. I’m looking into Buicks right now.

My mom said she likes the Scion tC, and I don’t really mind either (but it does look kind of girly). Any other good options? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Avoid anything that looks or acts like a sports car and everything that originated in Europe. European cars, even VWs carry high insurance premiums because parts are expensive and labor rates are high to fix them.

If you want cheap insurance rates buy a Ford or a Chevy. This isn’t your last car, this is your FIRST CAR. There will be plenty of opportunities in your lifetime to drive a nice car. Now isn’t one of them.

Donald asks…

17 Year old insurance on 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1?

Im 16 years of age soon to be 17 and I am looking for a first car that would be of a classic sort. I hate all the usual Saxo’s and Corsa’s that all the other kids drive. My dad currently owns a Series 1 RS Turbo and were in the middle of restoring it. I looked into insurance as myself as a named driver and got quotes of 11k and that’s way too much. Would the price be cheaper if i put myself as a second driver on my dads insurance? Im in desperate need of answers right now. If not then has anyone got any info on a Mk1 or Mk2 golf or even an Mk1 XR2 Fiesta. If all this classic insurance is too hard then has anyone out there got any ideas on what car I could get that has got cheap insurance, Looks good, Performs great and can be modded great. I don’t want answers which involve astra’s and clios’s. More along the lines of newer better material. Thank you :)
Btw the car would be secured in a locked garage, Im currently a student, living at home and possibly will take the PassPlus test and i’d be fine with the milage being around about 4000 miles

Administrator answers:

Insurance depends or area, driving record, age and car.

It would be cheaper to latch on, but then again you’d have to pay.

Cheaper, smaller cars are cheaper. Moddified and sporty cars and young drivers mean higher rates.

Laura asks…

BEST/LOWEST FARE car insurance.?

Ok, so pretty much I have shopped around and I was….well…surprised.

I am a new driver, 17 years old, just got my license.

I have shopped around and figured that its better to just buy an older car and just buy liability insurance. But even like that, the figures come out to be skyrocketing! the lowest I have found is like $3,100 a year, just for liability – what a RIPOFF.

It comes out to be a little cheaper if I join my parents policy, then the “liability only insurance” will be ($1400 for me), $2700 for my parents, now that it will be 2 cars under one policy. Currently their rate is $650.

I don’t know what to do, and what‘s the best way to go.
What‘s the best company? I feel like all those, Allstates, Progressives, Metlifes….blah….they rip me off.

Administrator answers:

You would probably be better off on your parents insurance, just pay them the difference, or if you want to go on your own i have Unitrin Direct and i pay $97.00 a month for two vehicles with full coverage!!

Mark asks…

is $450 for drivers ed a rip off? should i go for it?

hey guys im 15 rite now and in new york wen ur 16 u can get a permit when u do drivers ed and my dad wants me to get it. i usually thought drivers ed was like 200 somtin. now im not in a rush to drive because i have plenty of time and i dont think someone my age NEEDS a car mabe somtin like a bike or scooter/moped. but my dad may be getting a car and if he does hell let me learn with him, and again the cars not for me if he gets one but it would be cool to get the permit and drive with him once in a while. What do you think? im only 15 but i think its ok to think about it =]. also is there any other car thats kinda like the honda civic? people say theyre good gas mileage,cheap, and good on insurance. thanks for any answers and throw in your opinions as well if you want

Administrator answers:

450 dollars is way too mcuh for d.e.

I did both my drivers ed and my behind the wheel for 260 dollars .

Good first cars would be a honda civic, toyota corolla, volkswagen jetta, and ford foucs

they’re all easy to find, decently cheap, good on gas, and not toob ad on insurance. Good luck!

Susan asks…

I’m a new driver looking for a first car . . . . . .?

I have just passed my test and now I want a car to go with it. I need a cheap-ish used car (approx. £1000) thats reliable but it doesn’t matter what make itis or what it looks like or anything. It needs to be in a low insurance group and have as low as possible road tax.
Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Hi, Get a small engined Fiat.
The are cheap to run, cheap on parts (even from the main dealer) and reliable (Fiat own Ferrari).

If you get a car with an engine smaller than 1.3 then your tax will be quite cheap too.

The different models I’d look at are………
or even a Tipo.

We’ve had a few different Fiats in the family in fact my daughter currently owns a Cinquecento which she learnt to drive in.

Her insurance last year as a learner (17 years old) was only £385!

Hope that helps


Sandy asks…

What do you think- did I do good buying this truck?

I traded in my 2002 Acura 3.5RL, silver w/ black leather int., fully loaded except navig., with 84000mi. It desperately needed new tires, almost needed new brakes, a new front right door glass (badly scratched) – small dent & paint work on the rear right fender (somebody tried to break into it with a brick, then threw it at the car when someone yelled at him), and about 6-7 various new bulbs in the dash and driver’s door.
I got $12000 for the trade-in. I owed $13015.

I bought a 2005 Ford Ranger XLT, reg cab, 5-spd, candy-apple red w/ dark charcoal int., w/ 23900mi. It has cruise, tilt, a/c, 60/40 bench, bedliner, and CD. I got it for $11995, 5 yrs, @ 8.4% APR. I bought an extended warranty for $1700 48mos/100000mi.

I save just about $190 a month on a car payment (and $7 cheaper on insurance) which was the biggest reason I did this in the first place.

What do you think – did I do good buying this truck?

Administrator answers:

Ooh, no…Fords are awful

George asks…

Car Insurance/No Claims!?

I am thinking of getting a new car on finance, I already have a car in my name so I am the policy holder and main driver, I have been driving for 4 years and have got 4 years no claims but because I have already got another car insured in my name and using my no claims I cannot use them on my new car which is making it really expensive as it looks like I have no no years claims, What is the cheapest/best way to insure another car to be able to use my 4 years no claims or editing my existing one? Any help please.

Administrator answers:

I assume you are keeping your current car as well.
Then there’s nothing you can do – your no claims is already in use, you can’t ‘share’ it between vehicles in any way.

William asks…

what can i do so my dad will let me get a drivers license?

I’m 17 H.S. senior taking a class at college for credit. I need my drivers license. My dad says not untilI have a 3.0. my mom drives me.
My dad refuses to let me untill i get a 3.0 because insurance is $200 cheaper a year. I am willing to pay $200 a year but my dad still refuses. I need my license to get me to high school, college and my two jobs. the issue is not about money. He has enough money to pay cash for a brand new car right now but wont.

Administrator answers:

Just wait until u are 18 otherwise u must have parental consent.

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